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Designing An Information System For Football Management

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A system for a football club is to be designed that will ensure that the same information has being passed on to all parents of the relevant under-age players with regards to match details. The system is to replace a current text messaging service that has proven to be unsuccessful due to communication issues between team managers and the person in charge of the text system. The system is expected to pass the responsibility of communicating the information to the Football Management System where match fixtures can only be updated by the manager of the relevant team.
Currently each team has approximately twenty five players and some of these players qualify for more than one team but no player plays for three teams.
Each team may have between one and three managers.
There is only ever one club registrar who has the sole responsibility of adding players/managers to the club.
Currently there is one bus company responsible for transporting players to and from games and this may be subject to change but there will always only be one company providing the service.
System Expectations
The Football management system is a system that primarily will allow users (managers of teams) to remotely update the system with new fixtures and that will then allow the system to relay this information to all parents of the relevant under-age teams automatically through the use of an email system.
The email system will also automatically email the relevant bus company with the match details as buses are required for both home and away games as a bus service for home games is also provided.
The system must also allow parents/guardians of players to log on to the system and through the use of a secure login system allow them to confirm their availability for the forthcoming fixture. The relevant team manager should then be able to access the system and view a list of players available for the forthcoming fixtures.
The system should also provide contact details of all managers so that they may be contacted at short notice.
The system will provide further pieces of functionality in order to add, update or delete players or managers. This functionality will only be afforded to the club registrar and must not be accessible to team managers. Further pieces of functionality can be added to the system as the system evolves and new requirements are discovered.
There are a large number of requirements that the technology to be used must provide for to allow this system to operate as planned.
In order for this system to be accessible to remote users it will have to be developed as a website.
This will require the use of HTML and a scripting language that can interact with HTML and which can connect to a database in order to retrieve or update data.
It must provide for an email system that is able to automatically send out emails when an event occurs. It must allow the system to run on various platforms. I.e. Windows, Linux, MAC etc.

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