Designing High Leverage Strategies And Tactics Essay

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Human Systems Management 22 (2003) 1-11 1 IOS Press
Designing high-leverage strategies and tactics Nicholas C. Georgantzas a and James L. Ritchie-Dunham b a Fordham University @ Lincoln Center, 113 West 60th Street, Suite 617-D, New York, NY 10023-7471, USA Tel.: +1 212 636 6216; E-mail: b Institute for Strategic Clarity, 56 Maple Street, Wilton, NH 03086-5505, USA Tel.: +1 603 620 4472; E-mail:, Website:
Abstract. Shingo's breakthrough improves the way strategy researchers and managers talk about and design high-leverage strate- gies and tactics. Seeing production as a concatenated net of operations and processes not only negates the dysfunctional effects of Anthony's paradigm, but also leads to a framework for strategic management (SM) as a well-specified net of strategies and tactics that deliver direct, dynamic and structural leverage. Anchored in system dynamics, systemic leverage (SL) analysis and synthesis can help managers align multiple, system goal aiming tactics that mix pure action with communication in corporate-, business- and functional-level strategy. The insight gained from SM's net view with SL analysis brings modern management a step closer to the tradeoffs-free synthesis to direct managerial attention to the combined effects of direct, dynamic and structural leverage in strategy making. Keywords: Competition, co-operation, leverage, operation, process, production, strategy, system dynamics, tactics
Nicholas C. Georgantzas is Professor, Management Systems and Director, Sys- tem Dynamics Consultancy, Fordham University, New York, NY, USA; also, Senior Consultant at Strategic Scenar- ios, Inc., a Business and Legal Con- sulting firm, specializing in simulation modeling for strategy support and busi- ness process (re)design. He holds a PhD and MPhil, Graduate School and Uni- versity Center, City University of New York, MBA, Bernard M. Baruch Col- lege, CUNY, MBA, University of Scran- ton, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and BA,
Graduate School of Industrial Studies, Piraeus, Greece. In 1987, he won The Oscar Lasdon Award for the Best Dissertation of the Year. Author of Scenario-Driven Planning: Learning to Man- age Strategic Uncertainty (Greenwood Press 1995), Dr. Geor- gantzas has published over 70 articles in scholarly journals, edited books and conference proceedings. Mostly interdisciplinary, his re- search, publications and consulting include systems thinking, or- ganizational learning and strategy design, focusing on the nec- essary theory and tools for learning in and about the dynamic systems in which we live. Has held industry positions in sys- tems analysis, project management, cost accounting, and finance and been consulting in commercial and retail banking, com- puter and information systems, education, engraving and print- ing, entertainment and multimedia, hospitality and tourism, petro- leum, pharmaceuticals, and in...

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