Designing Issues For E Learning Modules In Cloud Platform

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One of the most interesting applications of cloud computing is educational cloud. The educational cloud computing can focus the power of thousands of computers on one problem, allowing researchers search and find models and make discoveries faster than ever. The universities can also open their technology infrastructures to private, public sectors for research advancements. The efficiencies of cloud computing can help universities keep pace with ever-growing resource requirements and energy costs. Students expect their personal mobile devices to connect to campus services for education. Faculty members are asking for efficient access and ...view middle of the document...

They can run the applications from cloud through their PC, mobile phones, tablet PC having minimum configuration with internet connectivity. Since the data is created and accessed in the cloud, the user need not spend more money for large memory for data storage in local machines. Organizations also need to pay per use, so it’s cheaper and need to pay only for the space they need.
Improved performance: Since the cloud based e-learning applications have most of the applications and processes in cloud, client machines do not create problems on performance when they are working.
Instant software updates: Since the cloud based application for e-learning runs with the cloud power, the software’s are automatically updated in cloud source. So, always e-learners get updates instantly.
Improved document format compatibility: Since some file formats and fonts do not open properly in some PCs/mobile phones, the cloud powered e-learning applications do not have to worry about those kinds of problems. As the cloud based e-learning applications open the file from cloud.
Benefits for students: Students get more advantages through cloud based e-learning. They can take online courses, attend the online exams, get feedback about the courses from instructors, and send their projects and assignments through online to their teachers. Benefits for teachers: Teachers also get numerous benefits over cloud based e-learning. Teachers are able to prepare online tests for students, deal and create better content resources for students through content management, assess the tests, homework, projects taken by students, send the feedback and communicate with students through online forums.
Data security: A very big concern is related to the data security because both the software and the data are located on remote servers that can crash or disappear without any additional warnings. Even if it seems not very reasonable, the cloud computing provides some major...


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