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Statement of the Problem

Diabetes mellitus was once considered disease, which had a minor impact on world health. However, it has now taken its place as a serious threat to human health here in the 21st century. This epidemic has occurred due to both human behavior and lifestyle changes over the past century. Obesity, poor or sedentary life style, high intake of diet that consists of carbohydrate and fat, daily consumption of alcohol are the major contributing factor for a high rate of type 2 diabetes mellitus. There was an estimated 150 to 220 million who had diabetes worldwide in 2010. This figure will increases to 300 million by 2025 (Zimmet, Alberti, & Shaw, 2001, pp. 782-784).
As of February 2014, statistical data shows there were approximately 25.8 million patients in the United States who were diabetic(Egan, Blind, Dunder, de Graeff, Hummer, Bourcier, & Rosebraugh, 2014, p.). But the data did not include those who remained undiagnosed or treated (Egan, Blind, Dunder, de Graeff, Hummer, Bourcier, & Rosebraugh, 2014, p.). This trend poses a serious threat to human by exposing to different health related problems, including kidney failure, vision problems, and long-term effect of heart, nerves and blood vessels disorders, which may ultimately a contributing factor for a high rate of morbidity and mortality. (American Diabetes Association, 2013)

1. Individuals will attend a one-day course aimed at empowering them through education and gaining access to health information to properly identify diabetes risk factors and practice diabetes prevention and intervention. Such prevention may include modifying behavior and lifestyle, which will result in positive health outcomes, which will minimize the probability of contracting diabetes mellitus.
2. Attendees of the class will be given a pamphlet sighting warning signs, prevention techniques, and healthcare treatment alternatives of diabetes.
3. Upon completion of the class, individuals will understand on basic diabetes related information including dangers, treatments, and prevention. Client will also be given a brochure or other printed information, which they will be able to take home at the end of the educational seminar. This matter will include contact information to several educational clearing houses related to diabetes mellitus so that further research by individuals may be facilitated if desired.
Review of the literature

The first type of diabetes mellitus is insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, which is used to be known as juvenile-onset diabetes. This is caused by an autoimmune reaction .The exact reason why auto immune reaction occurs in the bodyis still not understood. The disease may develop in individuals of any age, but usually in young adults and children. Those who have type I diabetes must monitor their blood sugar level in daily bases andreceive daily insulin injections. If these individuals not access insulin or controlling the blood sugar amount, it...

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