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Desire To Develop Will Let The History Happen Again

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In A Canticle for Leibowitz human’s civilization end up by war, people desire to re-create paradise is a reason why science and technology ultimately ruin environments and societies. There are three reasons: people desire to develop and the rapid development in the world is limited by environment and societies.
First of all, the pursuit of power is the reason why science and technology ultimately ruin the world. Human desire goodness, we want to living in paradise, we want to have power to control the nature, science and technology is the supporters of us. Why people in A Canticle for Leibowitz have the ability to make civilization develop, but they do not have the ability to stop war and ...view middle of the document...

”3, the scientific research has been devoted to how to make full use of nature to meet the requirements of human beings. That's why our civilization develops so fast also it is the source of many problems. Science and technology are progress and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can progress. “In the nature of progress, the world would go on forever and forever in the same direction, becoming more humane, more comfortable, more peaceful, more smooth to travel in, and above all, much more rich.”4 We can’t stop progress, but when we desire to develop ourselves, the environment becomes the limit. Look at early modernity North America, most of it was a lush forest full of diverse species, but today most of that forest is gone and many species have been wiped out in the name of progress. Whether the destruction our progress brings about manifests as global warming and the mining of all resources. Why in A Canticle for Leibowitz those two superpowers want to destroy each other? Why they cannot peaceful coexistence? I think this is all about resource, because there is only that much resource on earth, they want to live they have to kill each other. Before the nuclear war start, the abbey let Brother Joshua and others take the Order’s Memorabilia go to the Centaurus Colony, “You will establish there a mother house of the Visitationist Friars of the Order of Saint Leibowitz of Tycho. And with you, the records and remembrances of four thousand years and more. Remember this Earth. Never forget her, but-never come back.”5 Zerchi told to Joshua. After the nuclear war earth is no longer suitable for human beings to live on, abbey decide to let Brother Joshua take the “hope” of human and let human start from...

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