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The Aim Of Our Lab Was To Determine The Specific Heat Of Copper And To Compare With The Actual Result And Then Find The Experimental Error.

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Specific Heat Lab heat is the amount of heat per mass required to raise the temperature of 1ºC. Different materials have different specific heats. The aim of our lab was to determine the specific heat of copper and to compare with the actual result by finding the experimental error.Materials and equipment:Electrical balanceWaterCalorimeterCylinder of copperThermometerBeakerHotplateCrucible tongsGraduated cylinderGogglesObservations:We started off the lab by filling our calorimeter with 100 cm³ of water from the tap. We recorded the initial temperature into our chart and continued to work. We took the cylindrical copper and put it into the beaker filled with water. Our goal was to rise the temperature of the water to 100ºC. After hitting the goal we pulled out the metal and carefully dropped it into the calorimeter. We watched the temperature going from 26/24 up to 28/27. After collecting all the needed information we plugged in our results into the specific heat formula:Then we made the specific heat of copper – X and solved the equation.Calculations:Heat gained by the waterHeat lost by the metalMass of water – 100 Mass of metal (m) – 57.04Initial temperature of water - 26ºCInitial temperature of metal - 96ºCFinal temperature of mixture - 28ºCFinal temperature of mixture - 28ºCT - 2 T – 58ºC1st time100*4.184(28-26) = (96-28)*X*57.04418.4*2 = 58*57.04X836.8 = 3878.72X836.8/3878.72 = X0.216 = XSpecific heat – 0.216 JActual specific heat – 0.385 JExp. Error:(0.385-0.216)/0.385*10044% errorHeat gained by the waterHeat lost by the metalMass of water – 100 Mass of metal (m) – 57.04Initial temperature of water - 24ºCInitial temperature of metal - 97ºCFinal temperature of mixture - 27ºCFinal temperature of mixture - 27ºCT - 3 T – 702nd time:100*4.184(27-24) = (97-27)*X*57.04418.4*3 = 70*X*57.041255.2 = 3992.8X1255.2/3992.8 = X0.314 = XSpecific heat – 0.314 JActual specific heat – 0.385 J(0.385-0.314)/0.385*10017% errorConclusion:Specific heat is the amount of energy transfer, measured in joules, and needed to raise the temperature of one gram of the substance one degree Celsius. To measure the specific heat we need to use...

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