Desmond Tutu: A True Africian Hero

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Desmond Tutu has changed the world in more ways than one. He has helped more people than you will ever know with the determination and the mindset that he will change the world. With his family by his side they made sure that they will accomplish anything and everything the family of 5(Whelan) that he had helped him tremendously with all of the struggles he had when he was growing up. When he was bedridden for a whole year with tuberculosis. (Whelan) In the beginning of his life he just accepted that it was the way it was because the color of his skin he was to do all of these laws that restricted his life tremendously. Desmond Tutu has changed the world in more ways than one.
Desmond was born in Klerksdorp, South Africa on October 7th, 1937. (Middleton 37) He was the son of Zachariah and Aletta Tutu. (Whelan) Desmond was the middle child of his two sisters. (Middleton 6) Zachariah his father was the headmaster of a Methodist primary school in Klerksdorp. (Whelan) As the headmaster Zachariah had to watch over all of the teachers to make sure they were doing their job successfully. (Whelan)
When he was twelve he and his family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, (Middleton 37). During his early high school years Tutu contracted tuberculosis and nearly died while spending close to two full years in bed. (Whelan) While he was bed ridden he had a special visitor come and visit him once a week every week. This special visitor was British-born Trevor Huddleston. He used to bring Desmond books and educational materials that way he wouldn't get too far behind in school. (Whelan) He also talked to him about God and that truly what inspired Desmond into becoming a priest. (Whelan)
After Desmond was cured of his tuberculosis, he went on to finish his high school career. He graduated madibane high in 1950. (Whelan) Quickly after graduating he went to St. Angar’s where he learned English, European history, and poetry.(Whelan) He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Africa in 1955 (Whelan). After he received his bachelor's degree he then went off to get his teachings certificate in 1953 from Pretoria Normal Banta College in Pretoria, South Africa. (Whelan)
When he was attending school at St. Angar’s (A Swedish Missionary Boarding School) his family was forced to pay full tuition. (Whelan) They had to pay full tuition because their skin color was black decent. Schooling for the white children was free and provided for them by the government. (Whelan)
The White children of South Africa were given free education because of their form of government which was called the apartheid.(Middleton) An apartheid is a policy of segregation enforced by the white government of South Africa to maintain political economic and social control over the countries blacks, Asians, and people of mixed decent ancestry.(Middleton)
Their laws varied among the apartheid government. Ranging from blacks not being able to participate in political...

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