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Depression And Knowing How To Handle It

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Have you ever asked yourself, am I depressed? There are those out there who feel that people hide behind the diagnosis of depression. That it is not even a disease, but an excuse to feel and act badly. I do not agree with this. I have witnessed people suffer from it, including myself. I intend to spend this essay elaborating on just that. Many people go through life feeling the normal emotions of everyday. To them, tomorrow is another day, a better day. However, there are some who just can’t seem to get out of that funk. To shake the melancholy feelings that begin to take over, not just their day, but their week, months and sometimes life. You perform your day, just going through the motions. You may be present physically, but mentally your mind is somewhere else. Eventually, this begins to affect not just your work, academics and family life, but your ability to feel alive. There is a process to learning depression and knowing how to handle it.

To start off, first you must know what depression is. Many may feel depressed, or even state such. But, there is a vast array of emotions that are connected with depression. There are many signs and symptoms of depression. Most complaints are feeling sad, lost and lonely. Some suffer from depression, but don’t actually feel sad. Others suffer from other emotions, such as feeling empty or lifeless.
There are changes in daily activities. Tasks that used to be fun or entertaining, now don’t bring any joy. Taking a walk or going to a movie that was once pleasurable, has no allurement for you any longer. Spending time with your family takes its toll on you. You no longer have the energy to engage in family traditions or outings. You long to be away from everyone and spend time by yourself.

You will begin to notice changes in yourself, such as weight. There are two ways this could go. One way is to indulge yourself in food as a comfort to help you hide from your depressed feelings. Food has a way of making you feel better. Specific foods such as sweets make you feel happy for a short period of time. Another is to starve yourself. Sometimes with depression, you lack even the incentive to eat. This alone be extremely dangerous and put you at risk for further serious health conditions. You could suffer from anorexia, or even bulimia if you manage to eat but your stomach gets so upset that you bring back up what you put down.

You may also notice changes in your sleep patterns. Due to the lack of energy you feel, you may spend your days in bed or lounging around the house. Your previous six to eight hours is no longer sufficient. You now find yourself sleeping ten to fourteen hours a day. You may even find yourself increasing the amounts of naps you may take. Before you may have never napped or felt tired during the day. Now the sleepiness is overwhelming.

Alternatively, you could suffer from insomnia and have difficulty staying asleep during the night, making...

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