Depression: It's More Than Just Being Sad.

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This essay is about the different types of depression and how it can affect a person’s life. I accessed a couple different websites to do my research for this essay. The first one is “Depression Fact Sheet: Depression Statistics and Depression Causes”, which I used primarily to get the statistics on depression. This was co-written by two people who work in the field of psychology, Dr. Bob Murray, a widely published psychologist who is an expert in emotional health and optimal relationships; and Alicia Fortinberry, a psychotherapist, health writer and executive coach. The second is a very informative article in Medical News Today by Christian Nordqvist called “What is depression? What causes depression?” This is where I got most of the facts about the different forms of depression, as well as from my textbook, Psychology: A Journey by Dennis Coon and John O. Mitterer.

Depression is a serious problem which affects about 18.8 million Americans who are 18 years of age and older in any given year (Maury & Fortinberry, 2005). It is not only a state of being sad, it is also a disease that inhibits the ability to feel emotion. Depression not only involves the mind, it also involves the body and thoughts. This disease can be passed down genetically, by a chemical imbalance in the brain, or follows certain events, i.e. the death of a loved one, etc (Nordqvist, 2009). Everyone gets “the blues” at some point in their lives. It usually passes after some time. However, people who have depressive disorders aka “clinical depression” find that their state interferes with their daily lives (Nordqvist, 2009). Clinical depression affects both the person who is depressed and the people that care about them because their normal functioning is undermined severely (Nordqvist, 2009). An example of this is that sometimes a severely depressed person would neglect themselves and their surroundings. (Nordqvist, 2009) If someone lives with that person, they would end up doing all the household chores because after all, most people would not want to live in a house that is messy from top to bottom. It can be worse if a person becomes so depressed that they forget to bathe and take care of themselves. In such cases, they may end up having to go to a nursing home for a while.
Before the 19th century, clinical depression was called “Melancholia” by Hippocrates, who is known as the “father of Western medicine”. He described it as “a distinct disease with specific physical and mental symptoms”. He also characterized it as being “all fears and despondencies, if they last a long time” as being symptomatic of the illness (Nordqvist, 2009). As cited in Medical News Today, an article in Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology states that there are a broader range of symptoms compared to the modern definition of clinical depression. These symptoms include dejection, sadness, fear, despondency, anger, fear, delusions, and obsessions (Nordqvist, 2009).
There are many forms of...

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