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Despicable Me is about a villain. Gru, and his want to commit the ultimate crime: stealing the moon. Gru enlists the help of three orphan girls that had previously sold his enemy, Vector, cookies. He is trying to steal back the shrink ray which will help him get the moon by shrinking it to an adequate size. While this plan goes through he finds that the girls are a little more likeable than he had planned. Gru diverges from gender norms by embodying the role of caregiver to Margo, Edith, and Agnes.
When Gru first sees the girls, he fits the feminist lenses almost to perfection. He adopts them to get what he wants and once he has it he will simply return them to the Orphanage. Yet, not ...view middle of the document...

Afterwards they pay one of the carnival games in order to win Agnes a large unicorn. When they lose despite hitting the goal, Gru steps in and argues on the girl’s behalf. This is a second thing a mother would do for her child; she would protect them from wrongdoings in the world by any means. She, the mother, will do anything in order to insure the values of fairness, equality, and justice into their child’s surroundings. This is an act of employing the proverbial childhood. Gru does just this when he ignites the whole booth by the use of the flame weapon, thus winning the unicorn for Agnes. Gru smiles at their lack of recoil at his evil deed and they go off to “win” more things. Gru has let go of his hard outer shell in order to let the girls in and truly experience the feeling of caring for another thing.
The final steps show Gru as the caretaker to the girls, something he had never expected. In the scenes after the carnival one can see is utter devotion to the girls. He neglects the building of the shuttle which will launch him into space; he instead spends time with the girls doing various childish activities such as: cooking, picking up after them, reading them bed-time stories, and eventually kissing the goodnight. This is what a mother is to do when she has children according to the Feminist lenses. They are to remove themselves from their focus and instead put every fiber of their being to care for their children and raising the next generation. Unfortunately, Dr. Nefario (Gru’s assistant) puts a stop to all the fun with the girls and calls the Orphanage to pick up the girls from their...

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