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Desserts That Are Healthier And Easier

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Criteria B: Define the Goal
The objective of this project was to learn how to make desserts that are healthier and easier. I combined something I’ve had a passion for, cooking, and something that is a challenge for our society, health.
My topic of baking healthy desserts interests me a lot. Ever since my childhood, I’ve had a sweet-tooth and a passion for baking, as my mom works in a bakery. My mom would always bring home cookies and brownies, and I’ve always wanted to bake my own desserts, but make them healthier. As I got older, I’ve been trying to control the amount of sugar I eat; therefore I cut down on desserts. This inspired me to bake healthy desserts, so anyone could eat them, even if they’re on a diet.
Being able to bake is a great skill needed in a women’s life, it’s beneficial and healthy. Healthy desserts limit the about of sugar you eat and allows you to make the choices of how much of an ingredient you want. With healthy homemade desserts, it is guaranteed there won’t be any extra fat or sugar added.
As for the final product, I will create a personal online cookbook, for healthy desserts. The ability to create a website is a useful skill. In a world, where technology is advancing rapidly, knowing the basics of creating a website can be a helpful tool, for future jobs. A virtual cookbook is a very efficient way to store my recipes and it portrays the information in a multi-uncial way. There are images that can create a visual interpretation, and the recipes are very user-friendly. In addition, I could also continue to add on more recipes as I get older and expand my personal cookbook.

Area of Interaction
The area of interaction this project focused on was Human Ingenuity. According to IBO, “This area of interaction allows students to explore in multiple ways the processes and products of human creativity, and to consider their impact on society and the mind.”
Human ingenuity plays a role in my project because I will be learning, creating, and designing different types of healthy desserts. I will learn to edit and create various ways of a recipe, to make it my own. In addition I will be able to select form a variety of layouts for the site, and be able to change them and incorporate it with my project.
Healthy desserts impact our life and society. By having the ability to make healthy choices in food, especially desserts, you will be guaranteed to have a healthier lifestyle. Modern desserts, store bought, contain so many calories, that we often forget to check. The amount of sugar added is shocking, but we fail to see this. By being able to create recipes at home we are able to explore the process of desserts, and change them into our own, by reducing the amounts of sugar and unnecessary ingredients.
1. Bake at least 5 recipes
2. Create a cake with fruits by April 2013
3. Decorate cupcakes for each holiday
4. Get feedback on every dessert
5. Improve each dessert from the given feedback
6. Make a...

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