Destination Life Cycle Analysis Of Hospitality And Tourism Dynamics A Case Study Of Heng Dian Film And Tv City Resort In China

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This essay includes figures, please see the attachment for the full version1. IntroductionMajor motion picture films can provide the places, objects and subjects for the gaze of many people, and for some, films may induce them to travel specifically to the locations where they were filmed (Riley, Baker & Van Doren, 1998). In the past, tourist benefit is serendipity of films or miniseries; however, the contemporary destination marketers systematically manipulate to place sights in the film or miniseries for attracting tourists (Cousins & Andereck, 1993). There became the film-induced tourism. Film and TV tourism is a newly arisen concept of tourism and culture that connects film-making and special tourism, and is now a growing phenomenon worldwide. Film-induced tourism is a tourist activity which treats film-producing, film-making and things related to film as tourist attraction.In China, film-induced tourism is still quite new (Qi, 2008). Since the successful running of the first film related resort --- Wuxi Film Resort, it has become a trend in China to build those kinds of specific resorts where provide places for filming and tourist visiting. As lack of operation experiences and resorts over-built, many film-related resorts in China are now facing a difficulties in maintaining (Chen, 2008). This coming and going trend of film-related tourist resorts attracted many researchers and professionals to explore the ways to help improving the recent situation. Actually, in July 2006, a conference was held in one of the most famous film-related resorts --- Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort, discussing about the potential development of film-induced tourism in China.In this essay, Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort is chosen as the case to study the potential dynamic factors of Chinese film-induced tourism. It is attempted to use Butler's (1980) Resort Life Cycle theory to analyse the development of Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort, based on which the possible re-engineering solutions will be provided as well.2. Brief Analysis of Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort2.1. Introduction of Heng Dian Film and TV City ResortHeng Dian Film and TV City Resort is under the management of Zhejiang Heng Dian Group, with a total capital of 3 billion RMB Yuan and permanent assets 2 billion RMB Yuan (source: Official Website of Heng Dian Film and TV City Resort). With its most filming scenes and best facilities, Heng Dian Film and TV Resort is considered as the No. 1 film-related resort in China. It was reported as "Hollywood in China" by the Hollywood Report Magazine in America. Heng Dian Film and TV Resort is now an AAAA tourist resort, which is a top rate for tourist destinations in China. Only in 2007, 83 films and TVs and 20 other TV advertisements were shoot in Heng Dian Film and TV Resort. Among these films, it includes 'the Mummy 3', 'Kung Fu Man', 'the Warlords', etc…Heng Dian Film and TV Resort has a big construction of film shooting scenes, in...

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