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~Destiny & Fate, Written Previously None Other Than By The Stars Above~

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Predetermined destiny writes out our stories before we experience them and is essential to Romeo and Juliet. The star-cross’d lovers gig basically fueled the whole love-filled dramatic play. Although, Romeo and Juliet both learn this, the hard way, costing their lives, as their love was fated to end in death, unfortunately. In the prologue, lines 6-11 state, “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; Whose misadventures piteous overthrows, Do with their death bury their parents’ strife. The fearful passage of their parents’ rage, Which but their children’s end naught could remove” (Beers 807). Due to these lines 6-11, it proves that Romeo and Juliet’s destiny was already written previously in the stars above, and the pair of lovers could do nothing but face it, together, hand in hand, with all that they had left.
Soulmates, made for each other, meant to be, written in the stars, crafted by destiny, a pure product of passion… fate plays it’s role as well, as it is ...view middle of the document...

For example, Romeo claims that he is “fortune’s fool”, and soon after Tybalt’s death, Act 3, Scene 1, Romeo states, “days black fate on more days doth depend” (III, I, 118) (Anderson). Although, Romeo could have left, in turn sparing both his & Tybalt’s life, however, he chooses not to, since Romeo, no matter what circumstance it is, is Tybalt’s accidental assassin.
In addition, Benvolio could have taken Romeo away while he was wallowing in his deep despair, but he didn’t act upon the choice, in turn, all tragedy stems from there, and Benvolio stayed true to not acting upon it, creating the snowball effect.
Also, Capulet is a bit of a control freak, as he is the one to decide that Juliet will marry Paris, and so that is why Friar plans to fake Juliet’s death… in turn her death is inevitable, thanks to yet another person (Capulet) and destiny, with fate peeking beyond it.
Furthermore, Friar Lawrence’s plan includes marrying Paris & Friar stubbornly sticking to his complex plan leads up to their dire deaths. This is especially prominent when Friar Lawrence is elated to see Friar John, but learns of the letter’s failed delivery, foiling on his plan. Friar’s last words were, “I have no longer stay”, it is a probable claim that he had figured out what destiny had in store for them all, scurrying away before he was found guilty.
Upon a closer look, you would find that almost all of the ‘ill-fated’ incidents were traced to none other than Friar Lawrence, who ironically believes fate is non-existent, and it is humans who err. When actually, peering a little deeper, fate plays it’s role and the errors that one makes has a certain set path, meaning that they were meant to do as so. “Fate- There are forces in life over which people have no control” (Applebee 1103).
Every so often, life just runs it’s course, and even if you had all the chances in the whole wide world to change it, some things will always stay the same, and never change.

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