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Destiny,Love,And Suffering In The "Aeneid" By Virgil

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Destiny, Love and Suffering In The AeneidIn The Aeneid, Aeneas is on a journey to lead his people, the Trojans to a new homeland. Aeneas is a very important character because of his divine parentage. After all, his mother is the goddess Venus and his father's brother is the King of Troy. Aeneas will find his destiny manipulated by the Gods at every turn, costing him much. His own mother is one of the Gods working to make himfulfill his destiny. Eventually, Aeneas will overcome many obstacles and lead his people to their destined new homeland. In the same way the Promised Land is guaranteed to the Hebrews in the Old Testament, Aeneas' Promised Land is guaranteed by destiny. Although Aeneas will suffer throughout his journey and also find love, in the end destiny is fulfilled in the epic, The Aeneid.Aeneas' mission comes from Jupiter, King of the gods. Unfortunately, Juno, queen of heaven, is set on thwarting Aeneas because she knows eventually that Rome is destined to destroy her beloved Carthage. Juno, in a desperate attempt to destroy the Trojan ships, offers one of her nymphs in marriage to the ruler of the winds, Aeolus. He conjures up a great squall that leaves the Trojans stranded. Aeneas suffers the loss of many ships andcrewmen, many whom were friends. He is tired, weary, and does not know what he will find on this coast the fates have spat him upon. His mother, Venus, appears to him in the form of a girl to let him know that all is not lost, that he must go on to fulfill his destiny. Aeneas pushes his grief aside and goes to the Queen's gate. There he finds his friends and his ships have also made it throughthe storm.Meanwhile, Venus, determined to fulfill Aeneas' destiny, is making plans with her godling son, Amor, to ensnare queen Dido's heart. Venus hopes to thwart any attempts Juno makes against Aeneas....

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