Destiny Or Not? Analysis Of Beowulf And Pre Determined Destiny

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In the poem, Beowulf by an anonymous author fate plays a key role in keeping Beowulf alive and letting him be victorious in all his battles. Death, that driving force behind the lives of men, is not a decision made by man, but by an unalterable inevitability set forth by the controlling forces of fate and destiny. According to the priests, God gives Beowulf the strength of thirty men in his arm, just as God gave Samson strength through his hair. God creates all people uniquely with different wonderful characteristics. Beowulf knows that his final battle with the dragon holds his fate, death. God graces people with special characteristics such as intelligence and a conscience which people use to determine between right and wrong. Essentially, people know their fate and seek that destiny, even if they may not desire to. Jesus knows that Judas will betray him yet he trusts God's decision of his fate. Beowulf feels before his final battle that the dragon might kill him, yet he continues on with his fate. Anglo-Saxons believe in fate, but their fate allows for free will. Beowulf goes to the Danes to save Herot by choice. Beowulf loves to fight and prove his loyalty to Higlac. Beowulf enters the world as a strong unstoppable super human man. God gives him these qualities to fight the battles against evil. Beowulf stays alive because he knows that "fate saves the living when they drive away death by themselves" (572-573). Fate keeps Beowulf alive in his battles as he survives from nine "sea-huge monsters" (575), Grendel, and Grendel's mother. Grendel and his mother spawn from hell and Beowulf fights for the heavens. His pre-determined destiny is death in spite of his extraordinary body, strength, courage, and fearlessness. Beowulf parallels with Jesus greatly, since both descend from God with special heroic qualities. Jesus' apostles denied him during his crucifixion. Beowulf's knights run when the dragon's relentless flames continue to endanger Beowulf. The knights and apostles deny their loyalty to their leaders. The leaders both know before going into battle that death besets them. The Anglo Saxons believe that men could choose to pursue their fate or not. Beowulf goes into the cave, but what if he stays away from this battle? He never loses a battle, even when he dies. Beowulf knows that fate saves his life in battle, many a times, and that he must "stand, not run from [the dragon's] shooting flames, stand till fate decides which of us wins" (2525-2529) to become victorious over the adversary that threatens his people and land. Beowulf still could not run with his death upon him from the dragon. He chooses to fight for his people knowing that fate from God saves him in the past and hoping that fate will save him in the future. The defeat to all his opponents comes with some help from a pre-determined plan from God to try to rid the world of Cain's descendants. Fate gives...

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