Destiny Or Choice? Essay

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I hailed the old white taxi, rushing across to were I am. It stopped and I rushed in. Then, the dark gloomy sky finally poured out its rain over the thirsty ground. I remember how it all started...
"I love you! Mea, I love you." " But.." "Please believe me. I'm sorry if it took me so long to tell you this." "But you're leaving." "I'll be back after 10 years...If you'll still be there." "10 years? I bet you'd be happily married by that time. You were never serious of what you say you know." "Married? With whom? Do not ever think of that 'coz it will never gonna happen. You're the only girl who I've been dreaming of to marry someday...because you are meant for me and even if you're not, I'll still marry you only if you let me. I am serious. I'll be back if you'll wait." " But that's too long." 'Then don't take this as a commitment. Just please accept my love for you. But you're free... you're always free to love some..." "I'll wait for you, don't worry. I love you too." "Thank you so much babe!I love you! I promise, by that time, I'll be a better man, a man you deserve. I'll be the best man for you, Mea." "You don't have to, I love you just the way you are. Don't make me cry, dear, go now. The plane may leave you." "I love you no matter what. Remember that always, okay?" "uhuh..i will. Please take care". Separated with a kiss in the forehead, he left. With teary eyes, I turned around. I didn't want to see him leaving. I cried and I begun to miss him.
He was my best friend since grade school. He was fat and dark ever since. But gifted with beautiful eyes and a cute dimple, he was indeed born with charisma. He was a friend of every girl. Sometimes, people thought he is someone like a gay or a sort of bisexual. But I know him more than anyone else...even more than his parents.
I thought I made it obvious in the last letter that I gave him. I was falling and I was not that sure if he will gonna be there to catch me or atleast accept what I feel. I did not know how, why and since when. I just woke up one day, and had well realized that this is how it was. I did not know if this was all because of that foolish dream. I thought I was in love with someone I do not know.
May 26, a month after he left, I received a card from him and with it was an Anthurium. The card's contents were lovely, full of flowery words, sweet as the fragrance of the fresh flower he sent. He noted that he asked a good friend to get one for me. It smelled like his favorite perfume that he used to spray all over his body whenever we go out together. He used to love ladies' perfumes which was kind a weird. Well, that's how unique he was. Then again, I begun to miss him...
Every month, I used to receive same items from him, one Anthurium became two, then three, then four,. Every month, its quantity increases. Sometimes he calls. And on our first anniversary, he sent a huge teddy bear which was as big as he was. I embraced it then a voice played. It was his' but now, more on a full...

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