Destroying The World, One Hybrid At A Time

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Is your goal to destroy the world? To destroy the environment that is here on this pure and blue world? While at the same time saving money on gasoline? If it is then you’re in luck, because there just happens to be a hybrid vehicle at your local dealership, and these hybrid vehicles will destroy the world, devastate the environment, and all the while saving you some money on gasoline. Now how could these low CO2 emission hybrid vehicles be that catastrophic? Well what many don’t know about hybrid vehicle is that the raw materials such as lithium and nickel are needed to make the special specific part of a hybrid vehicle, and are obtain by a special technique that completely strips entire ...view middle of the document...

This technique sequentially leads to the destruction of the eco-system that includes the mountain and the surrounding area around it, because base on the article “The Environmental Impact of Strip Mining” by Nanjowe it causes a pollution of the water resources around the environment, air pollution with all vegetation removed, and therefore aren’t filtering the air, and a eco-system catastrophe with all the natural habitat blown to smithereens. And it doesn't end there, since hybrid vehicle are very complex including the way their battery are made the factory that makes them emits 10%-20% more pollution then the average lead car battery factory makes, base on the data complied by Jed Empleo in “Hybrids: The Not-so Environmentally Friendly Car”. And all this pollution to the world is done before the hybrid vehicle even makes it to the road, so some might think is it even worth it?
Well some would object by pointing to the newer technology of hybrid vehicle called plug-in-hybrid where one simply plugs in their vehicle into a electricity socket to recharge their battery’s, and therefore become less reliant on gasoline, and therefore saving the world and becoming a super hero! However one is missing the very big picture, and that is the electricity that one is using to recharge the battery on there plug-in-hybrid are causing a strain on the power grid, and henceforth requires the power plant to produce more pollution by burning coal, gas, and oil to recharge your batters, so in a since you are paying for gasoline on your electric bill and in the end not helping the environment at all, for we aren’t quite in the age of where we can rely our heavy power plant to mother nature unstable fury alone.
Finally, some opposition would state that there has to be a break even point where the pollution that is made while making...

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