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Destruction Of Faith Essay

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They say faith can mean a lot of things to people but how can you have faith in something you can't see; when you can’t see something then you start to struggle with believing. So the question is can you have faith in something you can't see?

On 336 Prescott Street in Seattle, lives a young man who had everything he could ever ask for and never wanted for nothing in his life. A nice two story home and had the car he has always wanted since he was sixteen. Just by looking at him you would think he had everything, and had it all together, the kind of guy you’d be jealous of, just because you couldn't afford what he had.

But in reality if you were in his shoes than you’d be the one that is ...view middle of the document...


His grandmother kept her promise and never left him until he was Twenty-One years old. She honestly didn’t want to leave him but life had another plan on that Thursday morning, she was coming down the stairs in the house and just as she stepped on the second step she grabbed her chest and tried to grab on to something but couldn't find anything and ultimately fell down the stairs.

Much to Andy’s horror he fount his grandmother lying on the ground whenever he walked in door. He rushed to her side and asked her are you okay grams? After no response Andy checked for a pulse, which was barley there, this is when he rushed to the phone and called an ambulance for her. Ambulance rushed her to the nearest hospital which was Seattle Webster Regional Medical Center.

Following behind the ambulance Andy was questioning God, “Why Me”? Crying and just thinking about all the bad things that has occurred in his life. He just couldn't understand why everything happens to him. When he has lost all hope he arrived at the hospital with his grandmother still alive. But a few moments later the doctor came out and asked for someone with Mrs. Webber? Andy stood up and said ‘I am”, Dr. Mullins set him down and said “I’m so sorry sir but we done everything we could do but she was far too gone for us to save her, I am pretty sure it was a cardiac arrest but an autopsy to confirm”.

Andy didn't say a word he just walked out of the hospital and got in his car and drove and got on the Ferry. As he stood at the banister and let the air run through his hair and took deep breaths trying to process the events that just took place. In his mind was like a volcano of bad thoughts and misery was setting in, it was like being trapped in a never ending horror movie.

After his grandmother’s death Andy went back to that ferry and back to the banister for more deep thought thinking. His mind was filled with memories of his and his father’s wreck the graphic scene then to his mother’s leaving out the door. Then finally to seeing his grandmother on the ground dying with him not being able to do nothing, which was something that really haunted him.
He really just wanted it all to stop, let him have peace, let him have his family back. Sometimes Andy would walk around his house and just close his eyes and took deep breaths running his fingers on walls and the staircase banister. Just remembering all that he can of his lost loved ones.
Whenever he got to the middle of the staircase he just fell down and cried his eyes out, pleading with God “Please, what did I do to deserve this, why me”, “I don’t deserve...

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