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Destruction Of Society Through Welfare Essay

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"Anyone who can walk to the welfare office can walk to work."(Al Capp).

The welfare system is a carnage to the U.S.. Welfare is a waste of money, ObamaCare is destroying small businesses, and ObamaCare penalizes hard workers. Many people are oblivious of the things done by welfare systems.


There are a lot of things that people are unaware of about ObamaCare and other social welfare systems. Spending on welfare has almost tripled and Federal spending has increased to roughly 900%. The total amount of money that the Federal government has spent has boosted by 651%. The expense of antipoverty and welfare programs has ascended to $668,000,000,000 ...view middle of the document...

People in poverty are not efficient for themselves even after the government has tossed cash at the issue. It is hurting America to have higher poverty rates when it could be much lower with the reduction of welfare checks being given out. An abundance of the public don't know about the costs of medicare.

Point 1 Causes:

Improper arrears is a bad statement and it should be interrupted. The amount of money spent on defense in the military has been exceeded by currency invested in welfare in 1993. Since then, it has continued to ascend higher and higher.

"The advent of social-welfare programs greatly increased government spending."(Clemmitt). The government donations have expanded immensely. The amount being spent on welfare should be inadmissible. ObamaCare burdens all Americans along the risk of punishments and bizarre Federal interference. Even though numbers increased, Obama's administration abandoned the only reform that allowed that to happen (Feulner). The amount of people on food stamps duplicated ever since work obligation for welfare has been taken away.

Point 1 Effects:

"The increased cost to government is only a small part of the problem with the national healthcare law." (Eddlem). There is a lot of money and other destructions being made with the coming of the healthcare law. The cost isn't even the worst of the problems occurring. The healthcare law is hurting America's society and economy. The money being used for the healthcare law is a immense waste. The law on Obama's health management has tense payment and result. This also involves limited effort, escalating insurance premiums, and rampant politic capability (Eddlem). The healthcare law is causing many problems in society. An abundance of people are hurting financially due to the healthcare law. The costs of the healthcare law is going to get up to $12.7 trillion over the next decade. Average people in society receive increased insurance due to welfare and they can't afford their insurance.

Point 2 Causes:

"What we didn't know was now many small businesses would see their rates rise and how many would see them fall." (Harrison). A lot of small businesses' rates are falling due to the welfare system. About 96% of small businesses' premiums have increased with in 5 years. The insurance cost per employee is almost doubling for small businesses. Small businesses can barely stay afloat with the ObamaCare administration. "In 2010, President Obama predicted that his Signature legislation would save employers so much money that they could give their employees a raise." ObamaCare was supposed to save people money, but it isn't. ObamaCare is actually costing small businesses employers a lot of money. Small businesses making over $250,000 have to pay more toward medicare. Small business employees' receiving wages over $250,000 must be given health coverage by their employer.

Point 2 Effects:

The tax breaks for small firms and other factors are reliant by how much...

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