Detached Between Life And Emotional Love

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Andrew Largeman in the Garden State, written and directed by Zach Braff, is a movie in which we see a main character who is detached from life. We watch as Andrew Largeman grows in his level of emotional capabilities, starting out seemingly unable to feel emotion of any kind due to being highly meditated by his psychiatrist father, and ending in falling in love with Sam a girl he meets along the way.
He seems to have a detachment from life based on the fact that the opening scene depicts airplane crash where he is calm and relaxed and shows no fear. While others around him are terrified, screaming and crying, he just turns on the air vent and relaxes. He feels detached, with how he seems ok with dying and shows no emotion. While he does that, a phone appears ringing, pulling him from his dream into a white room that is very clean and neat. He has a blank expression on his face as his father tells him, by leaving a message, that his mother died by drowning in the bath tub. His blank expression doesn’t change with the news of his mother. He gets up after his father tells him of his mother's death, we see him looking into the mirror with a split in the middle, and the cabinet behind is full medicine.
We move on to see him driving to work, we see him stuck in traffic. We come to see that he doesn't really care, like it doesn't trouble him that a gas pump nozzle is stuck in his tank still. It seems he doesn't care for his lateness; he also doesn't seem to care much about the Vietnamese style restaurant he works at. A woman at one of the tables he is waiting on was being demanding and rude but he just seems not to care much as he walks away. He seems to just walk though life; at the airport he is in the bathroom washing up; it feels as he tries to wash off the past, as he walks past each sink the faucets turn on and off. At the funeral in New Jersey, he stands off to the side and away from the other people; he views it as if from the outside and doesn’t seem to shed a tear for his mother. Afterwards, at the wake, he was awkwardly sitting on the couch with his aunt when she state to talk to him regarding his mother, she let know him his mother had remodeled, the hallway bathroom out of the blue. She than says she, his aunt, made him a shirt out of left over material from the bathroom, which was a green floral pattern that matches the bathroom wall, he just kind of blended, and his face was filled with a blank expression. Largeman then goes to a party some of his old high school buddies told him about, here we see that he is even detached from his friends, as they seem to all be into drinking and taking drugs, he joins in yet seems to not be enjoy it. Everything that is happening just seems to fly by him while he has a blank look on his face. He awakes in the morning at his friend's to see a suit of amour walking around, who turns out to be a guy they went to high school with Largeman does try to be social with him.
We then move on to see Largeman...

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