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Course Identification
Name of program - Code: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (410.D0/LCA.70)
Course number: 410-DJ3-AS
Total number of course hours: 45
Weighting: 2-1-2
Statement of the competency - Code: To implement and supervise a customer services operation using a quality approach (01UE)
Contribution of the Course in the Program
Course position
This 45-hour course is given in the fifth semester in Business Management Program (410.D0). In includes 30 hours of theory and 15 hours of practical exercises. To these are added 30 hours of homework. The prerequisite for this course are: Marketing (410-CH3-AS) and Marketing Research (410-DB4-AS). The skills learned in this course will prepare the student for many of the courses to come in later session: Business Management Project (410-DV4-AS) and Internship in Business Management (410-DU8-AS) for which this course is a prerequisite. Also, Customer Service (410- DJ3-AS) will be an important asset for Strategic Marketing (410-DK4-AS). The competency 01UE is only developed in this course.
Scope of the course
This course introduces the basic principles of customer service. It prepares the student to understand the importance of client services and to identify the expected behaviour, norms and standards in order to provide customer service. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to implement, supervise and improve a customer service based on a quality approach.
Course Components (Objective and Standard of the Competency)
Expected outcomes (achievement context of the competency)

Reproduction, in whole or in part, of this document is prohibited without written permission from LaSalle College. The offender is liable to prosecution.
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The achievement context of this competency will reflect the conditions as they occur in the following settings: academic, professional, work, or life environment.
 In support of increasing the quality of the customer service provided, adapting this service to a new product or service or creating one's own business.
 Based on the establishment's or company's policies and operating procedures.  Using a computer and appropriate software.
 Based on a study of customer service provided to a particular commercial sector.
 Respect for established budgetary limits.
 Based on government regulations and any other pertinent reference documents
Throughout the course, you will engage in various learning situations/activities so that by the end of the course, you will have met the expected outcomes.
Elements and performance criteria
The elements of an objective formulated in terms of the competency specify its essential components. They include only...

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