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Detail Road Map For Achieving The Goals Of Community Development

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Detail Road Map For The Purpose Of Achieving The Goals Of Community Development
Since, AKH Group has various businesses spread across IT, Consumer Products, BPO and Telecom and the group has a history of being in business for the last 35 years, so it can be assumed that it has done enough research and study to jot down the problem areas and the areas where there is a scope of development
Now, going by Ansoff’s Product matrix, there are 4 growth strategies, that can be described as follows:

Source: (1)
Figure 1
Considering the current status of the company, it should go for “Market Development”, which means that they are penetrating into new markets with their existing products. To build a nation, it is always suggested that one needs to develop the rural areas first, and that is what is meant by “New Market”. Some of the suggestions are as follows:

If we assume consumer products sector; we see that many variants fall under this sector, these variants are:
 Pencils, Notebooks and Erasers
 Oral care
 PVC Pipes
 Women’s Hygiene Care Products
 Baby Care Products
 Soaps
 Insecticides and Pesticides
 Detergents
Let us discuss each product in details:
 Pencil and Erasers
Pencils and erasers, may not be very expensive throughout the world, but they surely are when it comes to rural areas, so the company can come up with cheaply priced pencils, erasers and notebooks in order to encourage the children in village to study.
 Oral Care
The company must come out with cheaply priced toothpastes, tooth brushes, tongue cleaners in order to provide oral hygiene to the rural sector.
 PVC Pipes
The company should tie up with the companies under Government schemes under drinking water to the villagers, in order to solve the problem of ‘Scarcity of drinking water’ and ‘Unhygienic Drinking water’ in villages. This would help the company to get recognition from the villages.
 Women’s Hygiene Care Products
Hygiene is an important issue throughout the country, and women’s hygiene is something that one needs to be extra careful about, as women are more prone to diseases such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer and other different kind of diseases. Company should come up with cheaply priced ‘sanitary napkins’ for women, so that they can use it, not only that the company has to make sure that they make woman realize the importance of using them rather than...

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