Detailed Biography Of Agripina The Younger Using Tacitus And Seutonius As Sources

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Agrippina the Younger was one of nine children born to Germanicus, adopted son end nephew of Tiberius . Suetonius tells us that two of these children died in infancy and one died in early childhood . Of the six remaining children, three were girls and three were boys. These were Nero, Drusus and Gaius Caesar , and Agrippina the Younger, Drusilla and Livilla . Suetonius also tells us that Tiberius later brought charges against Nero and Drusus and had them publicly executed .Agrippina the Younger married Cnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, son of Lucius Domitius, nominated in Augustus' will as being the purchaser of his household . Their son, Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus was born 15th December AD37 . When Domitius was three years old his father died and he inherited one third of the estate . But Gaius, who was also named in the will, not only took everything but banished Agrippina . But when Claudius became emperor, Domitius' inheritance was restored and Agrippina recalled from banishment .When Claudius' third wife, Messalina, died there was rivalry among women as to who should be the emperor's next wife . Tacitus tells us that the ex-slaves quarreled about who should chose his next wife . Each ex-slave backed a woman. Callistus supported Lollia Paulina, Pallas supported Agrippina the younger and Narcissus supported Aelia Paetina . Each ex-slave had an argument as to why his nominee should become the next wife of the emperor. But it was Pallas' argument for Agrippina, combined with her seductiveness which allowed her to win . Suetonius says that Claudius, when the house next met, persuaded a group of senators that a union between himself and Agrippina should be allowed and that Uncles should be permitted to wed nieces . The union was allowed but only one other man undertook a similar union .From early on in her marriage to Claudius, Agrippina used her power to inflict revenge upon ex-rival for the position as emperor's wife, Lollia Paulina . Tacitus tells us she found an accuser to prosecute Lollia and Claudius also spoke in the prosecution and did not give the defendant a hearing .Tacitus tells us that Agrippina then schemed to make her son marry Claudius' daughter Octavia who was already betrothed to Lucius Junius Silanus Torquatu . Agrippina had Lucius Vitellius accuse Junius of committing incest with his sister and Claudius cancelled his engagement to his daughter . But Junius committed suicide and his sister was banished so in an effort to not be credited with bad actions Agrippina recalled Lucius Annaeus Seneca from exile and appointed him to a praetorship . She assumed this would be a popular move and also wanted him as tutor for her son .Agrippina then arranged for a consul-designate, Lucius Mammius Pollio, to propose to Claudius that he betroth his daughter to Domitius . The engagement took place and Domitius became Claudius' son-in-law as well as step son . Because of his mother's efforts, Domitius was becoming a rival for Claudius' own son,...

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