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Mo ChenDetailed description paperProf. NeilsonApproaches to Western ArtThe Nude with Coral Necklace by Amedeo Modigliani is an oil painting on canvas. Unlike those of the Classical Period, this painting has a rough surface. Audience can observe the trace of brushstroke if they get close enough to it. The painting is roughly divided into three areas: the central figure of yam-like orange, one background of blended white and the other background of darkened wine red. On right top of the painting was the artist signature in white color.The color on the body is uneven despite the general yam-like color. The brightest color on the body is the color of the lady's nipples that are in carrot-like red. The lower body is infiltrated with darker orange. It is noticeable that the abdomen is depicted in the technique of light and shadow instead of pure lines.The central nude lady with a coral necklace lies across the painting like a diagonal from upper left to lower right. With her right arm supporting the body, the lady's left arm lies on the body and her hand is covering the genital. She is facing toward the audience. Her thighs are stretching out of the lower horizontal frame.The lady has a long oval face. Her cheeks are more vivid under carrot-like red. Her eyes are depicted differently. Her right eye, filled with dark color is in a shape of eye while her left eye, is painted as a brown line and merged with its surrounding color. The artist used a single line to draw her left eyebrow and nose. The line extends down from the right eyebrow to her right nostrils. The lips are painted cherry red. The artist combined her hair color into darken red background. There are some black lines describing the shape of her hair.The body is asymmetrical. Her right arm looks stronger and the left one tenderer. However, the left thigh, which is supposed to be thinner to cohere to the left arm, is much thicker than the right one. Her breasts are drawn in lines. Audience will find her right nipple facing the front and the left one facing the left.There are two background colors. If the rectangle painting is cut into two trapezoids and the cutting point begins at one third of the vertical frame, they have nearly equal proportion in the...

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