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Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline: Part I

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International marketing plans revolve around a number of criteria. Businesses must complete a thorough analysis of the country in order to determine the success of a product in a new market. The following paper is an analysis of GE air conditioners in India. Information about the product is provided, a geographic description of the market is outlined, and an environmental analysis provides information about politics, legalities, economics, the culture, and the demand for the product. Various types of buyers in the international market are analyzed with the factors influencing their purchasing decisions. Finally, a SWOTT analysis is provided with details influencing the decision to market air conditioners in India.Product InformationAir conditioners are used to control the air inside of a residence or building at a cooler temperature when the temperature outside is hot and muggy. Since the temperature in India reaches triple digits, air conditioners make summer weather more tolerable. At the time, many Indian residents do not have air conditioners. Therefore, GE seeks the opportunity to provide the citizens of India with a product controlling the air temperature during extreme heat.Air conditioners come in a variety of sizes. GE concentrates on introducing air conditioners to the family sector. According to the website, the most common way of living is by renting an apartment. "The quality of housing varies. You can find old, traditional colonial houses but these are rare and expensive. They also require a lot of upkeep and staff. Newly constructed units, either independent houses or apartments, in the upper income range vary from garish, Hollywood fantasies to elegant homes, appealing to western tastes. Apartments, both low rise and high rise, are the most common and most economical" ( Since a small spaced apartment is the preferred way of living, GE concentrates on a smaller home air conditioner beneficial to small homes.Typically when air conditioners are placed in a small area or home, the window air conditioner is the preferred way to go. Currently, many Indian homes have windows that "will be barred, often with ornate grills" ( Ornate grills make window air conditioning difficult and less appealing to those who do not want to take down the bars. To accommodate the loving conditions in India, GE promotes the General Electric (APH10AA) Portable Air Conditioner. This air conditioner is 33 inches high, 17.7 inches wide and 18.6 inches deep, making it small enough to fit in a corner of a room and small enough so that it will not be overly obvious that the family has one.Geographical DescriptionIndia is a diverse land located in eastern and northern hemispheres. India is home to the Himalayan mountain range with a number of rivers draining the land. The climate in India is varied. "In the far south and along the Arabian Sea coastline, conditions remain hot, humid, and sunny for most of the year" (World Atlas,...

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