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Detailed Lesson Plan

Silence while I tell the pupils that their starter activity is on the
board that they are to come in silently and begin. They are to put
their hand up when they are finished.

Written on board

The questions we shall answer in today's lesson are

What is weathering?

What is erosion?

What are the three different types of weathering?

What type of weathering is acid rain?

What does a rock most affected by acid rain contain?

Which rock is least affected by acid rain?

Starter activity to read in silence pages 98-99 (Book Eureka 2G)

Brief Question and Answer Session

Which of the questions written on the board can we now answer after
reading pages 98 & 99?

Teacher Explanation of Weathering and Erosion

Stress not strictly caused by the weather as the name suggests!

We cause weathering, as do plants and trees.

State strongly that weathering and erosion are different and the
difference between them.

Photograph Acetates

Show colour acetates of impressive examples of weathering - house
crumbling into the sea, newspaper article detailing the damage caused
by tree roots growing into buildings etc. this will make the topic
relevant and real to the pupils.

Book Work

Title in books - Weathering and Erosion (UNDERLINE)

Use your books to find the formal definitions of weathering and

Look in theGlossary at the back of the book(Class 8T not told where to

Partner Work

Use these definitions to explain the difference between the two to a
non scientist, pretend the person sitting next to you is a non
scientist and take it in turn to explain!

State time limit 10 minutes

Circulate the class to help students who are struggling and to listen
in on some explanations.

Board Work and Teacher Explanation

Bring the class back together to confirm definitions and difference.

Three different types of Weathering - sub-heading in book

Provide children with the pictorial weathering worksheet to stick into
their books

Make a colour coded key for each type of weathering e.g. red for

There are three different types of weathering

1. Physical Weathering

2. Biological Weathering

3. Chemical Weathering

Write these in book

Teacher Explanation

Show colour acetates of photographs that demonstrate the affect acid
rain has on statues and buildings made of different types of rocks.

Explain how acid rain is caused and the consequences of acid rain.

Acid rain acetate - allow pupils time to copy the key points off the

Colour in the rain red to signify that this is chemical weathering.

Partner Work

Ask the children to think about why some of the rocks have been
weathered much more than others talk to the person next to you about a

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