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Chapter 1•Wang Lung, who is a poor farmer, lives in a simple and crude house which is made of earth.•On his marriage day, Wang Lung wakes up early in the morning, using so much of water to clean his body although water is precious for them. He is then scolded by his father when "A wave of anger passed over him at his father"(Buck 9).•Then, overcome with excitement, he uses plenty of money to hold a feast on his wedding night, pay a barber to shave his face and purchase a pair of incense sticks for the Earth God.•He also recalls that a poor man will only suitable to a slave as told by his father. His father tells that he will only marry to an unattractive slave rather than a pretty one who most probably loses her virginity to her young lord.•He then proposes himself to house of Hwang to get a slave from them.•Wang Kung then gives a silver piece which is left after his purchases reluctantly as a charge for the gate man to lead him within the house.•After bowing before the Old Mistress who is smoking opium, a slave who is named, O-Lan with common looking is then being called out.•However, Wang Lung is satisfied to her look as long there are no pock-marks and lip split except for her unbound feet.•Old mistress tells that they buy O-lan from her parents since she was ten during a famine year. The Old Mistress also mentions that she is a hardworking and a good temper slave who still remains her virginity.•They then goes to the temple that formed from the earth of the field to burn incense in honor of the Earth God and his lady, O-lan.•His father then complains about Wang Lung's extravagance by wasting too much money just for the wedding feast to please the others.•However, he feels everything is worth what he has done because O-lan is adept in preparing the food for the feast.• He is proud to own the lady when O-lan refuses to show herself in front of other man until the marriage is consummated.Chapter 2•The next day morning, Wang wonders if she likes him or not instead of just thinking of his fields and his harvest.•However, After O-Lan serves him with tea considerately, he is now more affirm to her love to him when he feels a new exultation and says "This woman of mine likes me well enough"(Buck 24).•Then, O-Lan shows her resourcefulness and dedication. She prepares the food excellently, cleans the house and arranges it neatly, mends their ragged clothes, collects woods to replenish the fuel pile, picks the dropping from animals to fertilize the fields and she even works in the field with Wang Lung feverishly. She did not complain even she has done restlessly the whole day and Wang Lung is extremely proud with her.•Wang Lung is satisfied with his life although they are poor because he has a skillful and hardworking wife who does everything for them causing him to feel an ease after a day of laboring in the field.•However the only thing that Wang Lung feels...

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