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Information About Chronic Alcohol Consumption Essay

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1. Chronic consumption of alcohol has a very negative effect on the human body. Not only does it impair your judgment, but it is also very harmful to the organs in your body. When someone consumes more than enough alcohol, it tends to lead to Brain, Liver, Kidney and Cardiovascular system failure. These are all very important attributers of you body. Continuous, chronic drinking over time leaves permanent changes on your brain. Alcohol acts as a sedative on the Central Nervous system, damaging the nerve cells in the brain, dulling and damaging their ability to react to thigns, One thing alcohol does to your brain is, it reduces the amount of brain tissue. It can also slowly learn to deprive your body of the essential nutrients and vitamins in food. Another thing that can happen with frequent consumption of alcohol is it can lead to short term memory loss. The most dangerous organ that alcohol can cause to fail, is your liver. If alcohol is consumed in large amounts frequently, it causes the liver cells to die, and prevents the liver from effectively working. If alcohol is taken in small amounts less frequently, the liver tissue had time to rebuild its self. The build up of alcohol in the blood stream can cause blood clots, alcohol hepatitis and then Cirrhoses. If your liver fails, it will cause the person to be in a coma, or even die. Your kidneys serve the purpose as a sort of a filter that filters the blood in your body. If you consume alcohol, or any type of drug, it acts as a kind of poison that can pass through with your blood. Your kidneys are very tough, and work hard to filter out all the poisons that enter your body, so the more alcohol you drink, the harder your kidneys have to work, and the more it has to filter. Consistent use of alcohol builds up over time, slowly damaging your kidneys. Over years, you may end up with acute, or severe kidney failure. In order for you to live a long healthy life, you need both of your kidneys in good condition. If both of your kidneys fail, and you don't get hospital attention for a kidney transplant, you will eventually die. A variety of cardiovascular diseases have been found with chronic alcohol consumption. These problems consist of, but are not limited to, heart failure, stroke, and death. Cardio heart failure happens when the heart is unable to pump blood to the system. This can also lead to death. 2. I believe that any person deserves a liver transplant, even if they continue to use alcohol. However, I also believe they should be provided certain classes to help them get over their alcohol problem. I just don't think it's...

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