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Facts About Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana, other wise known as ?pot?, ?grass?, ?weed?, ?reefer?, ?hash?, ?tree?s?, ?ace?, ?cannabis?, ?joint? ?J?, ?boo? and ?Colombian?. There are even more names for this distinct drug that people use for it also. These terms all coincide wit the major issue, marijuana. Most people think that smoking marijuana is not as bad for you as smoking a cigarette. This is not exactly true. Marijuana has many long term and short term effects.Marijuana has many effects on the brain. In marijuana the substance that gets you ?high? is THC or Tetrahydocannibol or as said before THC. This substance suppresses the neurons in the information-processing system of the hippocampus or the part of the brain that is crucial for learning, memory, senses, and emotions (Hyde 1986). Chronic abuse of marijuana and THC is also associated with impaired attention and memory in school. THC damages and destroys nerve cells and causes other changes in the hippocampus. Marijuana in the brain causes users have due to mood swings and lack of interest (Hurwitz/Shnideman 1992). Users tend to drop out of sports, school, and other activities. THC in the drug messes up the mind train of thought in time and distance, which then becomes distorted (Friedland 1988). Users also may have acute panic, paranoia, and unpleasant perceptual distortions (escape from anxiety or stress). Chronic long term use of marijuana of the most serious is probably acute brain syndrome. This is a condition marked by mind distortions, sleep and memory problems, regard to time and place and the ability to concentrate or sustain attention on something. This then leads to or requires hospital treatment (Brecher 1972).Marijuana has effects on the respiratory system as well. Users who smoke marijuana regularly usually end up wit the same respiratory system problems as tobacco smokers have ( NIDA). These smokers may have a daily cough and phlegm, symptoms of bronchitis, and more frequent chest colds. Scientists have found signs of lunge tissue injured or destroyed by marijuana smoke (Mendelson/Mello 1987). Marijuana contains more tar then a tobacco cigarette, which then makes this even more cancer causing (Madison 1990)Summarizing the long term effects of marijuana are increase risk of lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, energy loss, slow thinking, memory impairment, loss of sperm, impaired immune system, and blood vessel blockage.There are even more immediate effects on your body than long term effects from ?weed?. The immediate effects are increase of pulse rate,...

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