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Details Of A Research Study In Progress

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Running head: DETAILS OF A RESEARCH STUDY IN PROGRESS 1DETAILS OF A RESEARCH STUDY IN PROGRESS 17NORTHCENTRAL UNIVERSITYASSIGNMENT COVER SHEETStudent: Steven Clark BradleyTHIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED INFollow these procedures: If requested by your instructor, please include an assignment cover sheet. This will become the first page of your assignment. In addition, your assignment header should include your last name, first initial, course code, dash, and assignment number. This should be left justified, with the page number right justified. For example:
Bradley IE7005-8-8

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Course ID Number:IE7005-8

Instructor: John Johnson

Course Title: International Organizations in Global Education

Assignment: 8

Faculty Use Only<Faculty comments here> <Faculty Name> <Grade Earned> <Writing Score> <Date Graded>ADJUSTING MY LEARNING STYLE FOR ACADEMIC WRITING 1Details of a Research Study in ProgressSteven Clark BradleyIE7005-8International Organizations in Global EducationNorthcentral UniversityDr. John JohnsonJuly, 2014AbstractChinese students usually pass university entrance exams in China but have an above average failure rate in universities in America. A qualitative research survey was conducted with Chinese students, local and international teachers and administrators in the high schools international programs in Beijing, Wuhan and Shijiazhuang, China. The two main objectives were to determine the possible causes for the high failure rate among Chinese students studying in American universities and to ascertain students', teachers' and administrators' views concerning whether the inclusion of cultural and academic adaption courses would increase the success rate of Chinese students in their university programs abroad.Keywords: Chinese international students, cultural adaptation, transitioning challenges, research methodology, research surveysDetails of a Research Study in ProgressToday, Chinese high schools have a deep interest in preparing their students for education abroad in American universities. China has staked its economic future on the education of its young, and many of them are pursuing their degrees internationally today (Song, 2010). As a result, many international academies have arisen to train Chinese students to pass the various exams that will provide them acceptance into an...

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