Details Of Osama Bin Laden’s Final Hours

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Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind one of the worst acts of terrorism the world has ever known. On September 11 2001 in New York City the world trade center was attacked by hijacked Boeing 747 airplanes. One plane crashed into each tower. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon. The fourth plane was sabotaged by the passengers and crashed into a rural field in Pennsylvania. Just under 3000 people were killed. It took ten years to hunt bin Laden down. These are the details of how we did it (
The hunt for Osama bin Laden started right after September 11. For years he went into hiding inside the Pakistan mountains. The US military thought we had him in 2006 but he escaped. Some believe that he was hiding out in the mountain caves until the compound in Abbotobad was finished. Around the time the compound was finished was when he escaped from the military in 2006.
The CIA uncovered the name of a suspected courier in 2007. He would make random calls in different locations. Most of the time his cell phone was turned off with the battery removed. This was a sign of extreme caution to the CIA which aroused suspicion. In 2009 the CIA discovered where the courier was living. It was the Abbotobad compound (
The compound was a one million dollar fortress. It was surrounded by 12 to 18 foot walls topped off with barbed wire. There also were no telephone or internet lines running to the compound. The CIA put together a presentation of how the compound was built with the look of protecting an important person. Possibly bin Laden. When President Obama learned about this information he pursued an aggressive course of action. President Obama called for the first of many US defense meetings to determine what their course of action should be (
On April 29th President Obama approved the operation to capture or kill bin Laden. Three days later on May 2nd was when the actual operation was carried out. In the early morning hours two Navy Black Hawk helicopters approach the compound. They carried a platoon of 24 US Navy SEALs. As the SEALs begin to fast rope down into the compound one of the helicopters experiences technical difficulties and crash lands into the wall of the compound. All of the soldiers in the crash survived. As soon as the SEALs breach the ground floor they are engaged by bin Laden’s forces. The SEALs slowly work their way from the outside of the compound to the inside. From there they work all the way up to the top floor. In the last five minutes of the fight bin Laden is killed. Shot once in the chest and once in the head. The whole operation took around 40 minutes. Once the shooting stopped the SEALs gathered as much evidence and intelligence that they could. There were so many papers that the SEALs didn’t even get half of what was there. When the SEALs gathered all of the papers that they could they called in another helicopter for...

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