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Details That Define Quality In Men's Dress Shoes And The Impact Of Wearing It

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Every man should know the mens dress shoes details before even considering buying their dress shoes. It is important to understand that these details define the quality in the shoes.Instead of repeated spending on replacing damaged dress shoes, it pays to have a few quality ones that can last for years. The high quality mens dress shoes are eventually going to be more cost efficient than the cheap poor quality ones that are not made to last.The question, of course, is why a man should choose to wear anything other than Rockports or sneakers. For one thing, a well-made shoe can, and should be, extremely comfortable. For another, a well-made shoe sends the rest of the world a signal about the wearer. More than any other article of clothing, shoes can influence how others view us, not to mention how we view ourselves.Let's put it this way: $80 shoes will last half as long as $160 shoes, but $360 shoes will last your whole lifetime. Watch out though, $360 shoes without a shine can easily look like $80 shoes. Anything Made In Italy is automatically better than anything else. When someone is buying expensive shoes, he is usually paying for the brand name, as well as for quality craftsmanship.So lets we see why Italian leather sole is considered the best for us:- malleability, i.e. the leather sole's ability to adapt itself perfectly and quickly to the anatomical conformation of the foot and to undergo deformations and/or structural variations, even under hot-humid conditions, of the microclimate of the shoe. Contrary to any other material used for the sole, sole leather is able to "take the shape", to adhere perfectly to the protuberances, indentations and slight malformations of the sole of the foot, generating a feeling of comfort and well-being;- constancy of temperature, i.e. thermal stability, the ability to remain stable over time during temperature variations and footwear assembly operations. The thermal stability tests, which consist of prolonged cycles of permanence at 70°C alternated with complete wetting, produce a mean surface variation of barely one percent in the Consortium's sole leathers;- a cracking index at least two times higher than that of normal production, which translates, opposite obvious constructive solidity, into flexibility, lightness and comfort, characteristics of the sole leather produced;- excellent water absorption-desorption indices (only 37% absorption after 24h of total immersion in water) with subsequent return to the initial conditions after the non-use phase. The Consortium's sole leathers largely surpass those of normal commercial production, which reach percentages of 70% absorption after the 24th hour;- an exceptionally low differential ph index for the Consortium's sole leathers (0.35 compared to the limit set by the UNI standard, which is <= 0.7), which means guarantee of quality and duration over time of the sole leather product.In order to determine whether the shoes you buy really have Italian...

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