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Detecting And Responding To Malicious Misbehavior In Mane Ts

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Owing to the developed technology and cheap prices, wireless networks have increased more preferences over wired networks in the previous few decades.Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is agroup of mobile nodes armed with both a wirelesstransmitter and a receiver that connect with each othervia bidirectional wireless links either directly or indirectly.One of themajor benefits of wireless networks is it allows data to be communicated between different parties and still maintaintheir movement. The main factor in this type of communication is range of transmitters.That is the node which is outside the range of one node cannot communicate with the other node which is outside its range.This difficulty in MANET is resolved by letting the nodes which are in between to relay transmissions.To achieve this MANET is divided into two types of networks like single hop network and multihop network. In a single-hop network, all nodes inside the sameradio range communicate directly with each other. But, in a multi-hop network, nodes depend on other nodes which are in between the path to transmit if the destination node is out of their radiorange.MANET has a distributed network organizationall nodes are free to movearbitrarily. MANET ready to be used in spareconditions wherean infrastructure is unobtainable or impracticable to mount in situationslike normal or human-induced tragedies, armedbattles,and medicinalsparecircumstances.Considering the fact that MANET is commonamong serious task applications, network security is ofdynamic significance.The exposed medium and distantspreading of MANET make it susceptible to numerous types ofattacks. It is vital to develop an intrusion-detection system (IDS)



i) Analyzes the data while the sessions are in progress.
ii) Raises an alarm immediately when the attack is detected.


i) Analyzes the data after the information has been already collected
ii) Useful for understanding the attacker’s behavior


Mobile Ad hoc networks or MANETs are the subdivision of wireless networks. In areas where wired infrastructure is not possible MANETS can be easily deployed. Theyare free from any fixed infrastructureor base stations.Base stations are absent and each and every node in the MANET network co-operate in forwarding packets in the network.



Each node in MANETs accept that other nodescontinuouslywork together with each other to transmit data.If MANET can detectthe attackers immediately as they enter the network, we will beable to completely eradicate the possiblecompensationsproduced bycompromised nodes at the first time.

In this section, we mainly describe three existing
Approaches namely, 1) Watchdog, 2) TWOACK, and3) Adaptive ACKnowledgment (AACK)


Watchdog is a technique used for intrusion detection in Mobile ad hoc networks.There is no any fixed infrastructure for...

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