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Detective Disease Essay

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Out of many diseases in the world, one has scared and killed millions of people in the Middle Age. This disease is called bubonic plague, sometimes known as The Black Death. Through information on bubonic plague, you will be informed about how to prevent the infection of bubonic plague.
Bubonic plague is caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. Yersinia pestis is located in the domain Bacteria because Yersinia pestis is a unicellular bacterium. Also, because of its lack of nuclear membrane and DNA that is not organized into chromosomes, Yersinia pestis is located in the kingdom Prokaryote (“Classification”).
Bubonic plague started to spread by fleas infected with Yersinia pestis. Fleas ...view middle of the document...

However, bubonic plague is not a major health concern in the United States because of the improvement of antibiotics that prevents bubonic plague ("Plague: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia").
Bubonic may not be a major health concern in North America, but in Africa, Asia, and South America, it is a major health concern. Out of these three continents, Africa had the most human cases since the 1990s. Almost all of the cases reported have been in small towns and villages or agricultural areas rather than in larger towns and cities. There have been 1,000 to 2,000 cases each year reported to World Health Organization (WHO). It is hard to assess the mortality rate of plague in developing countries, as relatively few cases are reliably diagnosed and reported to health authorities. WHO cites mortality rates of 8–10%, however some studies suggest that mortality may be much higher in some plague endemic areas ("Maps and Statistics").
When infected by bubonic plague, parts of your body will start changing. In bubonic plague, bacteria infect the lymph system, a major component of your body's immune system. The lymphatic system includes organs like the tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus (“Plague”). Bubonic plague symptoms appear suddenly, usually after two to five days of exposure to the bacteria. Smooth, painful lymph gland swelling called a bubo is commonly found in the groin, but it is sometimes found in the armpits or neck. However, bubo forms most often at the site of the infection (bite or scratch). The pain may occur in the area before the swelling appears. Then, you will start having chills, fever, general ill feeling (malaise), headache, muscle pain, and seizures ("Plague: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia").
Before symptoms occur, you could take tests like blood culture, culture of lymph node aspirate (fluid taken from an affected lymph node or bubo), and sputum culture to check if you have bubonic plague. If...

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