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Determination Of Bulk Density And Water Content Of A Cohesive Soil

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ObjectiveThe objective of this experiment is to determine the bulk density and water content of a wet, cohesive soil.IntroductionThe bulk density of a soil is simply the total mass per total volume. This means the soil sample is weighed with the water still in the sample and then divided by the total volume it occupies giving the bulk density. Finding out the bulk density of a soil is important as it can reveal how much total dry material you have when you relate it to the water content of the soil sample. Finding out the water content of a soil is important as it can aid in the design of practical problems such as planning drainage lines or irrigation.TheoryThe experiment that is going to be carried out will be based on the theory that if you have a wet mass of cohesive soil and then if you heat the sample so that no water particles are left inside the sample, then you will be left with only the dry mass. From this, the mass of water can be calculated by subtracting the dry mass from the total mass. Now the water content can be calculated by dividing the mass of water by the mass of soil and then multiplying by a hundred to get a percentage. Knowing the volume of the soil sample the bulk density can be calculated by dividing the total mass by the total volume.ApparatusBelow is a list of the apparatus that are needed to carryout the experiment.* A cohesive sample of soil* A pod with a diameter of 100mm.* A tray to put the soil sample on when weighing* An oven* Digital scaleMethodFirstly the cohesive sample was collected and kept in a pod to contain the soil sample and to ensure that the water in the sample doesn't evaporate. This ensures that the experiment that is going to be conducted can be related to the site from where the soil sample was retrieved and the values obtained can be used in the design process.Once the sample had arrived to the lab, a sample volume of 7.85 mm3 was cut and then weighed on a digital scale using a tray. The sample was then heated in the oven for 24 hours and then weighed again to give the dry mass. The tray itself was also weighed so that the weight of the tray can be taken away when weighing the sample.ResultsFig 1.0 shows the experimental data that were derived from conducting the experiment.Mass of wet soil sample with tray (g)M12572.9Mass of dry sample with tray (g)M22280.6Mass of tray (g)M3840.9Fig 1.0To find out the mass of the wet soil...

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