Determination Of Zinc And Nickel Concentration By (1) Ion Exchange Chromatography Followed By Chelometric Titration, And By (2) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Of The Mixture

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Determination of Zinc and Nickel Concentration by (1) Ion-Exchange Chromatography Followed by Chelometric Titration, and by (2) Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy of the MixtureExperiment 4Dates of Experiment: 10/14/08 through 10/30/08Date of Report: 11/7/08Chem 2262LI. IntroductionIn this experiment, the zinc and nickel contents of unknowns were tested using two methods. In the first method, nickel and zinc were separated through ion-exchange chromatography and analyzed through chelometric titration. In the second method, the unknown was analyzed through the atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) of the mixture.In and ion-exchange column, the ions are separated due to their tendencies to interact with the fixed phase of the column. In this case, the anion-exchange resin is that fixed phase. Nickel passed through the column unhindered and therefore first. Zinc formed chlorozincate anions that reacted with the resin. It could not pass through the column until a neutral aqueous solution was run through. The elements were determined quantitatively by titration with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). This method is valued as a good estimate and is used widely because of its use of common lab equipment. Only a single column was run for each metal in the interest of time. To acquire a meaning for the effect that the method has on the outcome, one should split the sample into replicates before the column. However, this may lower the accuracy, reduce the precision, and increase the time of the analysis.In AAS, ions are distinguished due to the wavelength of light emitted when atomized ions are passed through a flame. Each element has a characteristic wavelength of light emitted. The instrument is calibrated using standard solutions prior to passing samples through. The results are interpreted using a calibration curve. This method is valued due to its efficient speed, ease of use, high selectivity, accuracy, and precision. A disadvantage is that it requires a special piece of machinery to do the experiment.II. ProcedureIn order to prepare the ion-exchange column, glass wool was placed above the stopcock of a buret. Thirty to 40 milliliters (mL) of anion-exchange resin were added to the buret. A wash of 100 mL of two molar HCl was passed through the column. The sample was prepared by adding 16 mL of concentrated HCl to 75 mL of unknown solution and diluting that to 100 mL. The 30 mL sample was transferred to the top of the column. Four hundred mL of two molar HCl were washed through the column after the sample at a rate of 5 mL a minute. All of the wash was collected in a 500 mL beaker. The beaker was replaced with another 500 mL beaker in order to catch the next wash of 450 mL of deionized water.The first beaker contained the nickel sample. It was divided into three aliquots, and the liquid was evaporated. Each residue was dissolved in 100 mL of distilled water and mixed together. Approximately 10 mL of pH 10 buffer were added. The entire solution was...

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