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Determination Wins Over Situation Essay

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A simple act of kindness and support can possibly be the savior to someone else’s misery. In the novel, Night, written by Eliezer Wiesel, Elie portrays the daily lifestyle of the Jews during the Holocaust, and shares his personal experiences. He goes through hardships as he travels from the ghettos to the concentration camps with his one and only family member remaining, his father. The S.S. soldiers take the author’s mother and his two sisters away from him as they arrive at the ghetto because they separating women from men. Throughout the novel, Elie experiences personality adaptations and loses his faith in God all due to the loss of humanity in his world. With this in mind, he bases his ...view middle of the document...

Unquestionably, heartwarming words said at the toughest times will never be forgotten. The novelist clearly remembers the subtle help he receives from an inmate as he recalls, “’Hey, kid, how old are you?’ ... ’Fifteen.’ ‘No you’re eighteen … Fool. Listen to what I say”’ (30). Although it does not seem like much to Elie at the time, this stranger is trying to save Elie’s life, and helping him by telling him to lie about his age. The inmate understands that an adolescent’s age determines their life or death; therefore, he is reminding Elie that he needs to prove himself to be strong and worthy. As Eliezer spends more time at the concentration camp, he meets a “French-Aryan” girl who warns him, ‘“Bite your lips, little brother…Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now … Wait. Clench your teeth and wait … ”’ (53). In order to live, Elie has to hold on to his exasperation and not explode because it can cause him death. It is beneficial for someone to be there to alert Elie before he makes a decision he will regret. Eliezer will later appreciate the words of wisdom from this girl as he matures and sees the world for himself.
The author’s ability to live is based on his tenacity and will; however, opponents may say that his survival is pure luck. Despite all the near-death experiences, Elie seems to be able to constantly escape death. For instance, when Eliezer and his father arrive at Birkenau, they are immediately sent to be thrown into the crematorium, and he claims that “My heart was about to...

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