Determine The Economic Status Of A Country: Switzerland

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Every country in the world can be classified by their level of development. Each country can be put into a broad category of either developed or developing. In order to determine country’s development geographers must calculate a countries HDI or Human Development Index. This number takes into account three factors: a decent standard of living, a long and healthy life, and access to knowledge. The closer a country is to a 1.0 then the more developed they are. Switzerland for example, has a HDI of 9.13 which is ninth in the world out of the close to 200 countries currently ranked. Switzerland is considered a developed country not only because of their high HDI, but also because of their ...view middle of the document...

A high life expectancy is used by geographers to determine HDI and 83 years would be considered to be the life expectancy of a developed type country. The crude death rate of 8.08 people means that only 8 out of every 1,000 people die within a year. Switzerland has a lower death rate than the developed countries of the United States, Luxembourg, and Monaco. Only 0.4% of the Switzerland’s population is living with AIDS which is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. There are 4 doctors per capita which means Switzerland is adept when it comes to medical development. The caloric intake per person is 3,420 which is twice as much as the average minimum daily energy requirement. Since the caloric intake is high it means Switzerland has enough food for its people, but it also means they have a surplus of food because the caloric intake is double the minimum requirement. The high life expectancy, low death rate, and high caloric intake show that Switzerland is a developed healthy society.
The up-to-date technology of Switzerland is the final reason geographers consider the country to be developed. 85.2 percent of Switzerland population uses the internet. This is over 4/5th of the population that uses the internet on a regular basis. The internet can be found in all...

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