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Analyze The Usefullness Of Having Access To The Dip Ex Website.

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'DIPEx (Database of Individual Patients' Experience of illness) is a multimedia website which launched in July 2001. It's main component is a database of patients' experiences of specific condition, supplemented by evidence-based information about the illness and treatment options and other practical information.This assignment will argue the implications of having access to the database 'DIPEx'. It will explain how the website provides sources of information about medical situations and compare this with the information available via the media. Then by using course materials, it will evaluate models of communication and discuss how more communication between professionals and patients is needed.Nowadays, health care professionals do not have all the answers to medical problems and treatments that affect people's lives. Therefore, it is more important these days for society to become more informed in what happens to their health and it is evident, that more and more people want to keep informed about what happens to their health.Society is lucky in the respect that because of technology the public now have more sources available to them for information; the internet, the media, and leaflets which are available from different organizations, and Yaphe (2000) stated that, 'First-hand' accounts of illness experience are believed to provide important insights for other patients and their carers (Section 2 Topic 4 Page 10). However, in tabloid newspapers and magazines, there are many personal stories, about health issues and it is difficult to know if this kind of information is reliable (BMJ, 2000).There is a much greater demand for information from professionals, and patients are beginning to look for information themselves and then sharing it with others (Section 2, Topic 2). Doctors sometimes become use to prescribing medicines for an illness and this is known as the biomedical approach. Doctors look at the body as a machine which parts cease to function properly when they become ill, this could be depression or anxiety for example. Therefore, a doctor sees it necessary to prescribe a medicine to repair the machine instead of looking for an alternative method such as counseling (K100). Consequently, being an informed patient helps people to make choices and decisions about their own health.The need for reliable information is increasingly prominent and doctors need to change the way in which they communicate with patients, encouraging them to be more informed. Emanuel and Emanuel (1992) identified four models for doctor-patient interaction; they are the 'Paternalistic model', the 'Deliberative model', the 'Interpretive model' and the 'Informed model'. These models were put forward as an example of how doctors could communicate with their patients. The 'Paternalistic model' is on a 'Doctor knows best' level, where the doctor makes all the decisions about their patient and the patient has no input. The 'Deliberative model' is where the patient has...

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