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Choosing The Best Dog Breed For Your Family

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For millions of years dogs have remained a constant companion of man. Bred from the aggressive and formidable Gray Wolf tens of thousands of years ago the domestic dog now lives in many homes across the world. Where in the far distant past the domestic dog was bred as a guard animal, a beast of burden, and even a food source the dogs of today are bred for a far more endearing purpose-companionship and love. Finding a pet dog that is more of a joy than a chore is necessary when asking: How much is that puppy in the window?
“The American Kennel Club recognizes 150 different breeds of dogs and that number can soar to more than 400 if you count mixed breeds” (Sarah McCurdy). So how does a family decide on just one particular dog when there are so many different breeds? Understandably, picking the right pet dog for a family can require some research. When choosing a family dog one must take into account, the amount of upkeep and exercise the dog requires. A dog that sheds an excessive amount, has lingering health issues, or requires professional care may not be a desired fit for a busy or impoverished family. The temperament of the animal is also a large factor when deciding on a breed. A dog that is aggressive or easily frightened is not a favorable pet because a scared or provoked dog can potentially be dangerous or even deadly. Having a pet dog is something most families do for love, companionship, and to teach responsibility to their children, and according to the top five best-suited dogs for families with children are the Newfoundland, the Pug, the Keeshond, the Golden Retriever, and the Labrador Retriever (Sarah McCurdy).
Fifth on the list for top family dog is the Newfoundland. According to Sarah McCurdy, the Newfoundland is what is known as “The Gentle Giant” and is sometimes called “Newfs” for short. The Newfoundland is categorized as a large breed of dog in the AKC Working Group. “Newfs” can range between 22 to 28 inches tall from the shoulder and normally weigh 100 to 150 pounds. Their coat coloring can be either solid or landseer and come in Grays, Browns, or Black, or a White base coat with Black markings. The history of the breed is thought to originate from a Canadian island for which the Newfoundland is named. Used as a workhorse and fishing aid, the Newfoundland’s job was to pull angler nets to shore, haul wood from the forests, and power blacksmith’s bellows (American Kennel Club). The temperament of the dog is best described by its nickname, “The Gentle Giant” patience, intelligence, and docile manners, make him an ideal family dog. Newfoundland’s require daily exercise and should be brushed regularly to maintain their beautiful coat.
Fourth on the list of top dogs, The Pug, is well described by the phrase "multum in parvo" which means "a lot of dog in a small space” (American Kennel Club). Categorized as a small breed in the AKC Toy group, the Pug normally gets 11 to 14 inches tall from...

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