Determining A Purpose For Your Presentation In Public Speaking

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A Introduction:1. A purpose is a statement indicating your audience will take away by the end of the presentation. It is:related to intended outcomes, rather than the process for achieving those outcomes.specific and measurable, rather than broad and intangible.concerned with audience, not presenters (learner-centered).B) Determining Your PurposeTo prepare a useful purpose, continue to modify a draft until these questions are answered:What do I want the audience to know by the end of the presentation?To what level do I want them to understand or to know my main points? Am I presenting material briefly or in more depth?If you give your written purpose to your audience, they will be much more likely to be able to follow along with you. Audience members that are able to follow are much more engaged with the material and therefore, much more interested.C) Types of speechThere are many types of speeches depending upon the speaker's intention, and a clear purpose statement will lead to a clear thesis statement. Reports are often given for the purpose of providing bases for action. Fact-finding boards, investigating committees, and boards of inquiry all serve as means of obtaining information to be transmitted to an action agency.Three Types of SpeechesInformative: In an informative speech, the audience learns about a new subject or learns new information about a familiar subject. An informative purpose statement will generally be worded to stress audience knowledge or ability. There are three ways to categorize informative speeches; by format, by content, and by purpose. Informative speeches can be divided into two formats; briefings, and reports. Informative speeches can also be categorized...

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