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Defining Individuality Essay

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To discuss several words and their definitions was the work done by me and a few other class mates. We examined one at a time various words which could be seen to have controversial meanings. Through a group discussion we began to depict what we viewed each word to mean. Mainly we used single words to explain each word. This allowed for a more personal description of each word. After we jotted down several words for each word, we began to again discuss why it was we picked these words to describe the others. We also thought about as to what kind of definition arose from this particular process. Lastly we began to personally share which word we thought was of most importance, which we would ultimately write about. When it came my turn I thought strongly of Individuality.Individuality. To begin, individuality, when looked up at one would find a fairly well written description of the word. “Wearing any clothes you feel comfortable in, whether it is in fashion or not, and not just because the rest of your friends wear it! Listening to whatever music you like whether it be from 50 years ago or number 1 in the chart right now!” ( this definition covers the essential result of individuality. If you are individual then, yes you may wear what is you wear and listen to what you listen to. However, the key principle to individuality is missing, freedom. Freedom from the pressures of thoughts and actions of the overwhelming majority is to be an individual. Nietzsche puts it nicely “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” (Friedrich Nietzsche). To own yourself is to be completely free of everything’s influence. This is individuality, to be free. Like Nietzsche I share the view of a connection between individuality and freedom. At individuality is seen as “1. The state or quality of being indivisible or inseparable; indivisibility, inseparability. b. An indivisible or inseparable entity.” ( To side track a bit this definition reminds me of George Orwell’s essay English and Politics. In particular, the portion of the essay were he talks of how a passage by Ecclesiastes is very clear and well written. But, when re-written in modern day prose it loses meaning. The main point is that the first...

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