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Journal Entry Two
The reading this week regarding social reality and the impact it has on all types of organization was fascinating and eye opening. Social reality, also understood as the ability of a group to come to a consensus about various aspects about an organization is present in our daily life and anywhere human interaction is encountered in an organizational setting. Different organizations, throughout all facets of civil, political, the military and the private sector have different perspective on groups and inclusions into those groups. Course directed readings asked about an organization to which we are involved and to give thoughts and ideas regarding it. My job currently take a considerable amount of my time between deployments, detachments and workups. Because of this incredible time commitment my job is the best organization in my life I can use to compare my ideas and thoughts regarding social reality.

As a Navy pilot our group of members is quite small, once a pilot reaches a squadron they are one out of at most 15000 active duty pilots who are actually in a flying status, compared to approximately 300,000 Sailors on active duty, we are essentially the flying division of the Navy. Shared values, common ideals and a social order is alive and well in any type of aviation squadron. After flight school, pilots are awarded in a winging ceremony (ritual) their “wings of gold” which signify that person has complete a grueling track of training, which many do notpass. Also, they are finally permitted to wear their coveted brown shoes; most other positions in the Naval forces wear black shoes. Aviators elevate themselves, however the greater Navy has allowed for these uniform items to be worn, thereby impressing upon the aviation community, they are in some respect, “different.”

These norms and values also carry forward into flying. A good person for example is someone who can fly the plane well. In most squadrons, the weakest pilot, flying skill related, is also one who is least liked. They are members of the club (organization) however, their status is in jeopardy of being revoked. If the pilots’ performance does not improve they may be subject to a Field Naval Aviator Review Board (FENAB). FENAB is a process where by a group member is formally removed, or excommunicated from the group, in many instances, the pilot’s wings are revoked and wearing of them on the uniform is prohibited.

On the other side of this equation are very successful pilots, the ones who could give Chuck Yegar a difficult time in the air. These pilots are quickly identified and rewarded for their skill. The path the take will lead them to more prestige and accolades within the squadron. Many times they are put into positions of power, such as becoming an instructor for junior pilots.

For the most part being associated with the aviation community is an honor that many strive to achieve. However, human nature is in interesting...

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