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Determining Terms Of Probation Essay

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Determination and probation simulation is decided by the courts. The court will issue mandatory conditions according to the sentence. Depending on the crime, a defendant who has a felony, misdemeanor, or an infraction of any kind during the probation period will have their probation revoked by the judge who sentenced them (Phoenix, 2014).
Probation is provided with certain conditions that have to be followed to the letter. Parole and probation are different kinds of rules after sentencing. Parole starts only if he/she is eligible for parole, which is after the inmate is released and supervision is provided after the inmate has done part of his/her sentence. Probation is order by the judge instead of issuing jail or prison time (Seiter, 2011).
Case #1
Name: Graves, Stanley: age 41
Crime: DWI
Sentence: 2 years’ probation, 3 days in jail, 30 day suspension
History: Graves is an executive for a local insurance company for 18 years. The defendant is a father of two children, and owns his home. The lost a third child due to a boating accident caused him to go from a social drinker to heavy drinker. The following treatment was prescribe: Drug/alcohol treatment, family counseling and Psych Evaluation.
Mr. Stanley Graves had some potential underlined issues. Did his drinking increase before or after the death of his third child? Was he the one driving the boat on the day of the accident? Had he fully allowed himself to grieve after the loss of his child? Could he be blaming himself for the accident causing him slip into a destructive pattern? Since he was married and seemed to have a support system at home, although it was his second DUI we deemed him not to be a high risk offender, with a parole officer and his family working as a team they could mitigate his chances of relapse, we did however order him to do a Psych Evaluation although he had no history of depression it could have easily played a factor. We also ordered him to do Family Counseling so his family could better understand what he was and still is going through with his probation, and to deal with any issues they may have otherwise not have addressed. Along with Drug and Substance Abuse counseling his probation plan has had a positive effect on his recovery.

Case #2
Name: Harrison, Gary Age: 29
Crime: Aggravated assault. Received 2 years’ probation, 3 days in jail with a 30 day suspension
History: Abused physically and mentally by his father as a child. Graves drop-out of high school in his junior year. A history of drug abuse, violent and angry outbursts and diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. The defendant did have 2 convictions for simple substance abuse.
Treatment: Drug/alcohol program, Anger management, psychiatric evaluation, intensive supervision (high risk, offender) Housing assistance, and family counseling.
Reporting 90 days
In evaluation of him we have laid out the plan that he should follow. Treatment was drug/alcohol counseling, anger management, psychiatric...

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