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Determinism Or Freewill? Which Is In Control?

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In the question of which is in contol, freewill or determinism, determinism is the controlling factor. Determinism is that which determines the cycle of life as a whole. It is the web that is spun at the beginning of human existance; it never changes because it is the devine design. If determinism is life's ultimate design or plan did freewill ever exist? If so, when and where did it exist? The answer is that freewill does exist but it determinism that maps destiny. Frewill exists, but determinism controls how freewill works in one's life.Freewill is existant in one's life and everday actions. For instance, it is the frewill of the person to eat at McDonalds and that person has a choice dine-in or dine-out. It is the freewill of the individual to do what he or she wants and when he or she wants to do it. In life, destiny is deterministic. If and when something happens to change one's life it happened for a reason. When life changing or altering events happen in life they occur to teach about one's livlihood. Therefore, that event that happened was determined, not of freewill but of the grand design of life.Determinism is that determining factor of which life is based. It is that factor that maps one's life. It gives life meaning and purpose, because nothing occurs without a cause. Everything in life has purpose and meaning, so that the next event may occur. Events, no matter how small or large must occur so that life can exist. Therefore, it is not the freewill that controls life, but determinsm that controls freewill so that life can exist.In the case of determinism versus freewill the two have a cause and effect relationship. For action there is a reaction. If the two did not exist society as we know it would consist of zombie-like individuals whose sole purpose would be to work. It is...

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