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Deutsche Telekom Telecommunications Company Essay

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The essence of the Deutsche Telekom brand, its slogan "Life is for sharing" is in equal measure its brand promise to customers. Based on a simple concept, this promise embodies the corporate vision behind the brand: Life consists of a number of major and minor personal events that people want to share with one another because they make life exciting. And Telekom offers the products and services that can make this happen. Customers should be given easy access to these worlds of experience in every possible way – via the telephone, Internet, Internet TV or cloud services. As a telecommunications provider, it is Telekom's goal to enable this by providing the best possible communications and IT services. Meaning Telekom customers can enjoy the "life is for sharing" experience anytime, any place.

To be a world-class telecommunications company providing IT and telecommunication system as Total Solution with Total Customer Care.
To strive to become a world-class player in the Information technology and Telecommunication industries.
To produce high-tech multimedia equipment in the country (e.g. France).
Thorough joint-ventures investments with international companies expand its operation inclusive upstream manufacturing of IT and telecommunication equipment
To become major distributor of MultiFinder multiplatform systems and office automation in the near future
Our Mission is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction as we strive to become a World Class Telecommunications Company. We will achieve this through developing people, products and services of the highest quality while meeting the needs of our nation, employees and shareholders. At Telekom Equipment (DEUTSCHE TELEKOM), commitment is the driving force that keeps us ahead of competition. These inherent qualities enable us to reach our goal of becoming world-class information technology and telecommunication provider. Today, we had created and niche for ourselves in this highly competitive and sophisticated industry through sheer excellence in professionalism and technological expertise in both the information technology and telecommunication industry.
PEST Analysis
In term of external environment, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM is also influenced by the general, industry, and competitor environments. The general environment is composed of elements in the boarder society that influence an industry and the firms within it. These elements can be characterized into six elements: demographic, politic/legal, sociocultural, technological, and global. However, only certain elements are related to DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, there are:

If we look at the political environment, Telekom Equipment is on the safe side since it is publicly owned and thus protected by government.
In term of political preferences, what might happened is that DEUTSCHE TELEKOM gets threat of from new entrants such as, Clarnet telecommunication, Freenet telecommunication and Agitr telecommunication. It meaning to...

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