Devaluation Of Women Essay

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Thomas Jefferson announced in 1776, “all men are created equal”. Even though humans are all created equal does not mean all humans are treated equal. Women Not only has the undervalue of women created a gender gap but has also created gender pay gap. The devaluation of women is a key area of concern that needs to be addressed to the world.
One of the countless reason that this situation need to be addressed nationwide is because of the ignorant abortions. Since 1979 when the one-child policy started in China couples were more likely to get an abortion when having a girl. The reasoning behind this is that boys can carry the last name, which means that the family name will not become ...view middle of the document...

Since 1979 when the one-child policy started in China couples were more likely to get an abortion when having a girl. The reasoning behind this is that boys can carry the last name, which means that the family name will not become extinct unlike if you had a girl. Also, another reason is that some believe that boys will be able to provide more for a family. The Time World has recorded more than thirteen million abortions every year that were conducted in a hospital or clinic in China. Abortion is a massive dependent procedure that keeps the population of girls undersized compared to boys. According to Gwynn Guilford the gender gap is one of the biggest problems in China. Because of the cultural preference to have a boy it is causing a ratio of for every 120 boys born 100 girls are born. The ignorant abortions have hurt China’s diminishing workforce, which is driving up labor cost.
Another reason this situation needs to be addressed nationwide is because women are being discriminated in the professional field. Women make seventy seven cents to every dollar a man makes. In what way is that fair if both the male and female work the same hours but do not get paid the same amount.

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