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Develop A Vision Essay

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Within the heart of every organization, there are leaders with their own personal motivation and reasons as to why they want to lead. There is some difficulty understanding these factors and how to discover what motivates a leader to step up and take the reigns. Transparency within an organization is a way to identify what motivates these leaders, and it also serves as a way to identify potential leaders. Having an authentic leader as a visionary you will recognize them from other leaders as their imagination is as big as the vision they are trying to gain buy-in for their organization.
In this paper, I will define the leadership styles of a visionary and the necessary steps ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, the act of visioning refers to the process of stretching the business horizon, clarifying values and focusing on a mission. Visioning usually begins in the mind of a leader; it is usually the dream of the leader for the organization’s future (George & Sims, 2007). Oftentimes, visions remain stuck in the minds of the leaders, or even sometimes just reduced to framed writings on an organization’s wall. It is important that once visions have been conceived, they must be crafted, shaped, and developed with regards to and in cooperation with those who are meant to respond to them or follow them. Leaders must therefore communicate their vision to their employees, teams and stakeholders in a clear and engaging way.
An organizational vision, therefore, is a clearly communicated picture of the organization’s future and is meant to act a guiding tool to get the business from where it is currently, to where it wants and hopes to be (Kouzes & Posner, 2007). The importance of having an organizational vision is that it enables an organization to declare its intentions for the future as well as express the organizations purpose and values.. In this regard, the visioning process can thus be defined as an interactive, participatory process that involves key stakeholders, including the employees of an organization and usually the intent is to establish collaboration, dialogue, and cohesiveness amongst the participants to ensure that common values and goals upon which the organization’s vision plan is hinged on are discovered (Baldwin, 2008).
Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Division Heads are usually the custodians of a vision of what they want their divisions/departments to achieve and what their organization to be. Leaders and leadership requires a vision, without a vision that challenges employees and other stakeholders, their strength as a leader becomes questionable. The vision of the future direction and guidance to the senior leadership team, the employees, as well as our partners, and stakeholders depends on establishing and inspiring a vision for the new division is a major component of organizational leadership.
As such, CEOs, CIOs and Department Heads principals must not only have a vision for their organization, but must also know and have the skills necessary to communicate clearly it to others. In order to develop a vision they must invite and encourage those stakeholders most impacted by the vision, and encourage them to play a part in establishing and developing the shared vision. Such an effort and process, will result in collaborative and trustworthy organizational relationships.
Creating a vision
Various approaches have been proposed for the creation, development, and inspiration of a shared a vision. These steps, however, vary depending on the conditions and environment under which a shared vision is to be established and developed. First, in establishing and inspiring a...

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