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[Author's Name][Professor's Name][Course Title][Date]Disability Rights CommissionAnd Disabled people can Participate Fully as Equal CitizenAbstractWhen an individual cannot be in control of their life because of physical or social barriers, this can cause a 'disabling environment' An 'enabling environment', however, could help a person to be more in control of their life and allow them to maintain more of their independence, beliefs, preferences privacy and dignity. As suggested in unit 6, "The environment can become a barrier to everyday living"IntroductionIn this Research work upon the disability rights commission and disabled people can play a part fully as equal citizen disability is defined as the interaction of diverse human conditions by means of environmental barriers to full society addition. This modern view of disability, though reliable with the mission and values of social work, receives incomplete notice in social work set of courses. No doubt, the commencement through an evaluation of the literature on disability and the location of disability theory inside academic dialogue, this article goes on to look at disability content in social work prospectus and literature. Lastly, a framework is obtainable to guide social work teacher in addressing disability as an constituent of human variety.Literature ReviewDisability PerspectivesWhen an individual cannot be in control of their life because of physical or social barriers, this can cause a 'disabling environment' An 'enabling environment', however, could help a person to be more in control of their life and allow them to maintain more of their independence, beliefs, preferences privacy and dignity. As suggested in unit 6, "The environment can become a barrier to everyday living" (unit 6, p.16).For many people, British traditional phrases such as "Home is where the heart is" (unit 6, p.10) or "There's no place like home" bear a relevant significance to the way people live or want to live their lives, in the privacy of their own home, where most care often takes place. With reference to The Matrix group study (1984), Offprints 9, although the changes in housing design have been made to include better sanitation and use of space and privacy, "housing often presents physical barriers for disabled people" (unit 6, p.26) Although adaptions can sometimes be made, this is not always possible and can mean that people who need care may have to rely on others, thus losing their independence. Also it can be difficult for some people to maintain their home (such as painting & decorating). In some areas, Care and Repair or Staying Put schemes have been developed (Unit 6, p. 21) and people with special needs are able to have their homes adaptated to meet their physical and care needs.However, there are contra-indications to this as 'special needs' in itself could be disabling. "It is a coincidence that the very people that have to put up with these environments are...

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