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Developing A Code Of Ethics Standard

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Developing a Code of Ethics Standard
Ethics standard represents a part of philosophy which deals with moral conduct and values system that gauge what is the right or wrong actions. Similarly ethical standards are guideline of conduct which is accepted and valued by society or a specific group including areas like business, health, spiritual, educational, and personal ethics. Most “code of ethics” is established as principle set by an organization or an individual asserting the standard and prospects that will governs their behavior.
“Code of ethics” delivers a structure for consideration about ethical accountability both at the personal or professional level. The major difference between personal “code of ethics” and professional “code of ethics” is personal “code of ethics” are based on individual value whereas, professional “code of ethics” are based on a collective standard that are mandated by an organization for the stakeholder involved. Many organization develop their own “code of ethics” however, there was certain event that led the Congress to enacting certain laws that dealt with ethical issues. One example of these type laws was the “The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO)” that was passed by Congress in the early 1990s.
The “Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO)”, enacted in November 1991, established the characteristic for organizational ethical compliance programs.
The procedures was based on the “six principles of the DII”, created new method for dealing with misconduct by codifying into law incentives that encourage organizations to engage in preventing misconduct (Ferrell et al., 2013). The organizations accomplish this by developing applicable internal legal and ethical compliance procedures.
Requirements in the strategies alleviate punishments on behalf of businesses who are attempting to rid itself of misconduct while attempting to establish prominent ethical and legal standards (Ferrell et al., 2013). In contrast, following the “Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO)”, if an organization have a deficiencies ethical compliance program as well as employees who break the law, they can suffer severe penalties. The rules emphases that organizations make decision that will help avert and identify organizational misconduct in collaboration with government regulation (Ferrell et al., 2013).
The core of the “Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO)” according to Ferrell et al.,( 2013) “is the carrot-and-stick approach; that is, by taking preventive action against misconduct, a company may avoid onerous penalties should a violation occur”. However, the systematic method using legalistic reasoning will not be sufficient to prevent critical penalties. In other words, it is essential that “organization cultivate corporate values, enforce its own code of ethics, and strive to prevent misconduct” (Ferrell et al., 2013). Organizations should always develop...

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